Hello World!

So here is my first post…

Since this is going to be a diary or journal of sorts maybe I should start in a Bridget Jones style;-

Tuesday 4th August, 6pm British Summer Time. So far today I have smoked 6 cigarettes (pretty good,less than usual) and drunk 3 cups of coffee…

But no, I’m not Bridget Jones. For a start I don’t have to worry about what I eat as weight has never been a problem of mine. I have other reasons for writing this. I will say more in future posts or in my profile when I get round to it. At the moment I am looking at the dashboard wondering what all the pretty buttons do and what all the functions are. I am not very I.T. minded and I have never had a blog before. Am I going to get things wrong? Almost certainly! Will I get myself into trouble? Probably!

So now I will press a button and see if this comes up on my brand, spanking new, blog.

And perhaps next time I will think of something more interesting to post.

2 responses to “Hello World!

  1. I can’t wait til you start posting! I’m looking forward to it.

    I’ve always had really pagan views, and have been influenced by Ancient Greek ideas as well, I want to learn about Wicca as it’s always been a thing I’ve been keen on, so I think I’ll benefit from reading your blog.

    • Thanks for your comment. I hope you will enjoy my blog although it is not all going to be strictly pagan stuff. In a way what I want to do is show how paganism fits into the everyday world. I have studied Wicca though and there will be references to it as time goes on. Hope you get this reply; all these buttons and features are confusing me! 🙂

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