Busy Busy Busy…

Just a few days to go before I fly to Geneva and suddenly it seems there are a hundred things to do and deal with!

I could have done without finding out I had a UTI when I went to the gynecologist last week. That means I am now on antibiotics and have to have another check up before I go. I also have to fit in a visit to the hairdresser’s and all sorts of last minute shopping…

My main computer crashed on Friday and refuses to snap back into life. Unfortunately I was in the middle of typing my article for MWM when it hit me with the blue screen of doom so I have spent this morning trying to type the whole thing out again from memory on my laptop. And then when I sent it by email a gremlin got into the formatting… I have never tried a technology spell before, but maybe now would be a good time to practice! To be honest I think that what I really need is a money spell so that I can buy a new computer when I get back from my travels.

My Mum’s general health has been up and down and now I am trying to get her as organised as I can so that she can cope while I’m away. The first task is to go through and make sure all her medications are up to date and order anything she is low on. The next and more difficult thing is to make sure she actually sees people while I’m away and doesn’t just sit around feeling miserable. She will also have to go for an X-Ray on her hip while I’m away, hopefully that will not be too difficult. I think I am going to make and charge a general good health talisman to leave her while I’m away.

Meanwhile I have to sort out some annoying tax stuff and other bureaucracy, do some reading and research on the courses I’ll be promoting and organise my packing…

Am I stressed? Yes. Am I looking forward to the trip? Absofuckinlutely!  🙂

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