Lazy Witch

Sometimes you can get out of the habit of using magic.  Magic takes time and trouble to make and do; in most cases it’s not a quick instant fix for every situation. On the other hand, the more often you use some techniques the easier and more effective they become. Foe example, I don’t know many witches who ever have a problem finding a parking space. It’s a spell you cast pretty early on in your witching career and the more often you use it the more instantaneous it becomes;- eventually you do it without even being aware that you are doing it. And of course it works.

Just like any other skill or ability witchcraft takes time to learn and practice and, since life rarely throws up exactly the same situation twice, every time you consider using magic you have to adjust something you already know or you might even have to start from scratch. Of course as you grow and develop as a witch you slowly build up a back catalog of spells and techniques you can rely on and adapt to specific needs. My Book Of Shadows (when I remember to keep it up to date) is full of usefull spells, and I should read through it more often than I do…

The truth I have realised this week is that I am a lazy witch. I have been under stress to get things ready for my departure to Geneva, to organise things for my Mum while I am away, to get a few personal projects finished (or at least started) etc, etc… There were plenty of points at which it actually might have been useful to cast a spell to help things along or make things go more smoothly but to be honest it didn’t really occur to me to do so.

Now I have always been one of those witches that generally leaves actual spell work to the last resort. Quite simply there are usually a lot of more mundane ways to get things done just as effectively, and frankly speaking without having to do so much homework or research. But, in that way you pretty soon get out of the habit of using spellwork which in turn makes it harder to do when you really want and need to. I was chatting to a friend of mine yesterday who is a more experienced witch than I, and she made me realise the things I am saying here. So when I get back from my travels I am going to re-immerse myself in spellcraft. It would be a shame to lose a skill that can be very useful and which, from time to time, I think i have been very good at.

I do still do energy work quite easily and naturally, but if I am honest, I am getting a bit lazy with that too. Moreover, in my opinion, energy work and spellcraft are closely linked and if you neglect one the other will suffer.

While I am away I want to keep these things in mind, and writing it here is a way to remind myself.

I don’t know how much time I will have while I am traveling over the next couple of months to keep up with my blog. I will try to sign in and give quick updates of my travels from time to time, but I suspect posts here will be shorter and more rare than they have been during the last few weeks. But if anyone out there actually reads my stuff and misses me while I’m away;- don’t worry, I’ll be back! 🙂

2 responses to “Lazy Witch

  1. I’ll miss your blog posts! Have a great trip. 🙂

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