Businesss and Cigars in Geneva!

So just a quick update on my travel progress…

I spent most of this week in and around Geneva enjoying the sunshine in-between the thunderstorms.  I was in my guise as business woman for the whole time doing promotions for the language courses the company I work for is selling. It’s kind of strange how convincing I can be in that role with just a change of clothes and make-up. Little do they know that beneath this exterior lurks the heart of a hippie, socialist witch! I find the whole business world very false and the way everything revolves around money (and looking as if you have loads of it) is pretty distasteful. On the other hand it is quite amusing and a little bit pathetic that I can often close a deal with just a well chosen phrase or sometimes even by just fluttering my eyelids at the right person at the right time.

Still, I am happy to be doing this and my company is pleased with the way things are going. I have certainly met quite a few nice and interesting people this week and I could get quite used to being wined and dined in expensive restaurants! 😉

One guy who took me out for a ‘business dinner’ collects cigars from all over the world and was trying to educate me in the subtle differences between them all. He gave me several samples as presents. I can’t imagine smoking something which costs more than a three course meal in a good restaurant so most of them will be very convenient presents for people. I will keep some really nice and luxurious cigarillos for myself though.

I like the Geneva and it’s surroundings very much. It is very pretty and the people are generally very warm and friendly. The main language is French but the feeling and mentality seems more Austrian or Italian. Next week I will still be in Business Woman mode when I go to Northern Italy, (Milan, Bologna and Ravenna).  But I am kind of looking forward to getting back into teaching mode in a couple of weeks. Business may be where the money is but at least with teaching you feel like you are achieving something real and worthwhile.

One response to “Businesss and Cigars in Geneva!

  1. Cigars *are* an impressive gift! 🙂 Geneva sounds lovely. Have fun!

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