Ending the dry spell.

Well, “it” happened.

I am not sure how I should feel, or how I will feel when all the emotional consequences catch up with me. What I do feel is grounded, real and vital again. I also feel more creative and motivated.

Sex is great! I’m slightly shocked at how basic my needs sometimes are and at how transformative  a  great night of passion can be. (I was very tempted to phrase that in a much more basic way!)  But at the same time I am also comforted by that thought. Sometimes understanding yourself can be painful; realizing how basic your needs are, can be uncomfortable. But right now I am just determined that I will never go so long without sex again.

Andy, I wish we could live together. I wish the passions we need could be mixed with the feelings we share… But until and unless that happens, no guilt on either side. We both need a full life.

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