Balance and Harmony


1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
2 .something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.
4. a state of bodily equilibrium:


noun, plural -nies.
1. agreement; accord; harmonious relations.
2. a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.
3. Music .
a. any simultaneous combination of tones.
b. the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm.
c. the science of the structure, relations, and practical combination of chords.

(I think the definitions applied to music can apply to most other aspects of life as well).

I think universal harmony is a bit like musical harmony. It is subtle, complicated and not easy to predict. Some notes harmonize with each other while others don’t. Some of the most beautiful music is made up of complicated patterns of notes which work and harmonize together, where-as the same notes in a different pattern would just be noise.

If we look at human relationships we can see the same kind of thing in operation. In some situations the most unlikely combination of people can get along very well together but in another combination or situation those people would just jar and conflict with each other.

In magic there are certain elements and substances which correspond with each other for certain purposes but which don’t work for other situations. I think the same principle can be extended to most aspects of life.

Seeking harmony is about seeking the best way in which all the elements of the universe work together for specific purposes. It is very subtle and fluid.I think you can develop an instinct for it in the same way that great composers develop an instinct for which notes and chords will harmonize with each other.

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