Me Now

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything here with the exception of an assortment of posts I have made today which were taken from things I have posted on other forums during the past year. The reason I have not posted much here is mostly explained in the post “Painful yet precious times” which should appear below this post. Anyhow, in an effort to begin reclaiming my own life I have decided to try and get this blog going again. That is why I have been re-posting bits and pieces today (and I might do a bit more of that.

Over at Earthsong Forums, where I am a regular member, I started a little member survey over a year ago and the questions from that seem to provide a useful reintroduction to myself.

Me Now.

My Mood today is… Variable, trying to make sense of where I’m at and where I’m going.
Relationship status… Single

Health status… Quite good physically, quite strained emotionally
I would describe my spiritual path as… eclectic pagan and taoist but the path is overgrown and meandering at the moment.
Main thing on my mind is… my mother.
My ambitions are…. Long term to get a book published, medium term continued success at work and short term getting the basics back on track.
What I want most is…. My mum to be happy, healthy and settled. The same might apply to me.
What I need most is…. Rejuvenating rest and an injection of positive energy.
I have been reading…. Nothing much lately.
I have been watching… Strictly! And I also enjoyed Danger In Paradise on BBC.
I have been listening to…. Lush and other old favorites on my Ipod.
My best charectoristic

s are…. Empathy, listening and usually a positive outlook.
My worst charectoristis are… indecisiveness and being strong willed; a strange combination.
My vices are… smoking and drinking, sex when possible and with the right person, music artists and musicians!
Politically I would describ

e myself as… Opinionated and left wing but increasingly frustrated with all mainstream parties.
In terms of fashion and lifestyle I would describe myself as… Alternative chic!
I would like to learn… How to paint and draw and how to play a musical instrument, and many other things.
My recent regrets are…  Not being able to do more.
My recent achievements are… Good feedback from my students and collegues.
My message to myself is… Be yourself and live as fully as you can.


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