Spiritual and physical health

Here are the answers I gave to some questions about health and spirituality.

Are your health choices, the way you treat and look after your body, inspired or influenced by your spiritual or religious beliefs?

To some degree yes. The concepts of balance and harmony are very important on my spiritual journey so I think that does play a part in my health choices. I guess I believe in doing things in moderation but the “doing things” part is just as important as the “moderation” part.

Does the fact that you drink or smoke, or choose not to do such things spring from your spiritual beliefs?

Not directly but it does fall into what I said before. I drink and smoke moderately (well of course there are times when there is a bit of excess)! As well as balance and harmony being big themes for me, my Goddess encourages celebration of sensual pleasures. Perhaps it is a life challenge to find the balance and moderation in that.

Does your religion prompt you to take better care of your body, to eat or avoid certain foods, to diet to exercise?

I feel a spiritual impetus to take reasonable care of my body but not to be obsessed with it.

Would taking drugs harm you soul or is it an essential part of your spiritual path?

I think taking any substance excessively or additively could potentially do damage to your mind and soul but that is not always the case. Drugs are not essential to my spiritual path but nor are they forbidden or taboo.

Is a healthy body a healthy spirit or are the two things unrelated?

In the sense of balance and harmony I think the two things can and do influence each other.

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