The Definite Article

These questions are based on a regular feature in the Daily Mail. I hate the Daily Mail, but the questions in this feature are quite revealing.

The possession you value above all others.
I am not very materialistic. It would probably be the ring my mum gave me for my coming of age and my photos. I’d also be a bit lost without my little lap-top that goes on my travels with me too.
The regret you wish you could amend.
My mum’s illness.
The temptation you wish you could resist.
Generally I like temptations and I don’t really regret any of my vices.
The book which holds an everlasting resonance.
The Tao Of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.
The thing you would do if you were invisible for a day.
Check up on the ones that got away.
The film you can watch again and again.
There are many but top of the list might be “Amerlie” and “Pleasentville”.
The person who has influenced you most.
My mum, K and A.
The person(s) from history you would most like to meet.
Jesus, Siddhārtha Gautama and Lao Tse.
The piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child.
“The only opinions you should care about are those held by the people you care about.” I’d also encourage children to use their imagination more and not give up their child like sense wonder when they get older. Always make room in your life for play.
The unlikeliest interest that engages your curiosity.
Some people might find it unlikely that I’m interested in quantum physics and astronomy. I also love maps.
The unending quest that drives you.
To live as fully and usefully as possible and to be harmonious.
The event that changed your life.
There have many events that have changed the direction of my life. Perhaps the one with the biggest impact was waking up one morning and realizing that I had been abused after making myself very vulnerable after a series of stupid decisions, drugs and alcohol. I think I have been a wiser and more grown up person since then.

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  2. Interesting answers, I’m gonna post my own in my blog today hopefully…. Lucianus.

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