Music of My Soul

As I don’t have time to write anything long, deep or meaningful at the moment because of work I decided instead to post a few songs that give an insight into my personality. I am one of those people who can’t live without music. I am also one of those people that used to make music tapes for potential boyfriends;- if our musical tastes didn’t match there was little chance of a long relationship!

Well let’s start with The Cure. They were one of my first favourite bands and I hung out with them a few times. ‘A Forest’ is sort of the background music of my soul and takes me back to my Goth days!

Secondly, quite simply my favourite ever band with one of their best songs. Undertow by Lush. Their career was sadly framed in tragedy. Their music is sublime. I could listen to them all day and never be bored.

And finally for now, I do have a sense of humour and this song actually reminds me of fun times working as an Au Pair in Rome where this was playing on the radio all the time… And my Italian boy-friend thought this was a substitute for foreplay!

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