Love Spells 2: Valentine’s Day

In my previous post I explained why I don’t do love spells for myself or others but since it is Valentine’s Day I thought I’d list a few things that might encourage love into your life. Not  spells as such, just advice which has worked for me.

Witchy stuff first (but there isn’t much of it).

1) Find out about the Goddesses associated with love, such as Hathor, Aphrodite and Venus. Meditate on them, learn from their example, pray or just talk to them if you wish.

2) If you practice candle magic;  green, yellow and rose pink are colours I would recommend to attract love. Use red if you want to make sure sex is part of the equation. If you are not used to candle magic there is no harm in simply lighting a few candles of the afore-mentioned colours and saying out loud that you are inviting love into your heart as you do so.

3) It may be beneficial to have some stones or crystals of the same colours mentioned above around you. Rose Quartz is always good and easy to get hold of. Personally I like using Turquoise, Jade, Jasper and Rhodochrosite.

(Note I am not giving any actual spells)

Here are the general non-witchy things…

Basics. Look after yourself. Be as healthy as you can be whatever your life-style is. Dress well. Look in the mirror, dress up, dress down, experiment. Think about what impression you are giving and does that relate to the type of person you would like to attract? Seriously. Be realistic and honest with yourself.

Pamper yourself. Have a long candle lit bath or a sauna, or whatever makes you feel good and comfortable. Feel good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Nobody is perfect. Nobody has the perfect body. But everybody has unique assets. Be determined to make the best of what you are.

Make a list of your best attributes. Think positively about what you have to offer.

Make a list of the things you don’t like about yourself. Ask yourself why you don’t like these things. Can they be changed? Really? Are you sure?

Go back to the positive list and concentrate your energy on that.

Imagine your ideal date in as much detail as possible. Visualise it regularly. Look at it from every conceivable angle. Play it backwards and forwards like a videotape in your mind.

Put yourself in situations where you could meet that dream date. Try to make them real social situations; on line relationships are still a poor relation. Go out. Socialize. Join a club. Make new friends where-ever you can.

I am sorry but the following cliché is true;- “The Gods help those who help themselves!” Don’t be lazy!

Masturbate. Some people are shocked when I say that, but seriously, learn how your body ticks. Know what you like and what you don’t. Pleasure yourself, make yourself feel sexy and keep that feeling with you. It will empower you. (Even if sex is not key to the type of relationship you are looking for).

Look beneath the surface of the people you meet.

Don’t obsess about love, romance or sex. When you go out socialising let the main aim be to simply have fun.

There is no greater attraction than confidence and positivity. Concentrate on that and the rest will come.

4 responses to “Love Spells 2: Valentine’s Day

  1. Sorry for my too intrusive post. I found your blog because I am intersted in history of religions, paganism, Indo-European roots of Europe and so on…
    The text I posted was an extract from a book about ancient deities of love.
    Best regards.

  2. I had a long comment in Italian by michelefabbri which I marked as spam. It taxed my basic Italian and I had to resort to google for help! If you would care to repost in English and show what it had to do with my post I might let it stand. It did include some interesting ideas which I might explore sometime.

  3. Hi Jessica. Thanks for your reply and thanks for reading. Your point about the celtic love deities is very true! 😉

  4. Outstanding. Great advice. And do avoid the celtic “love” deities. all of their stories end horribly. seriously. Not a cheery group of lover types! Bravo on the masturbation advice. It needs to be said. We need to honor our sexuality and we need to really know what our bodies need. It builds strenth and it builds confidence, both of which are imperative to meeting that “someone” if that is the goal. In any event, it connects us to the planet and the divine. I’ll be reading. Thanks for being out there.

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