I thought this was well worth reblogging. I am not sure if online petitions really work, but it is worth a try. Shame on the conservatives of St Petersburg for even contemplating this draconian measure.

Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind

Please follow the link and sign the petition, it’s the right thing to do for all. Once you ban a specific subject for even being talked, you can later on ban other subjects, and soon enough, your freedom of speech anywhere in the world will be threatened. DO NOT BE FOOLED

Lucianus Mauricius


February 20, 2012. In just one week the city of Saint Petersburg could pass an outrageous bill that will make it a crime to read, write, speak or meet to discuss anything considered “Gay”.

St. Petersburg is one of Russia’s number one tourist destinations. That’s why an international storm of bad publicity will force the Governor to think twice about the cost of signing this bill.

We have less than a week to act: tell the Governor of St. Petersburg that a city that muzzles artists, writers, musicians, citizens and visitors isn’t a city you…

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