Hathor Poem

I can’t claim credit for this poem. I think it is modern and not based on an ancient text. I would be happy to give credit to the author if anybody knows who it is (I found it on the internet ages ago). I like it because it shows the essential sensual aspect of Hathor which is always an inspiration to me. I haven’t been giving my Goddess enough attention or credit for the joys in my life lately, so I dedicate this to her with love, respect and thanks.

When you come to me
I take your spirit
from the stars
and clothe it
in a body of sensation
to finely focus you on form
to benignly bask you in bliss
You are here to experience delight
enjoy gratification
know satisfaction
have pleasure
in all ways
in all modes
in all aspects.
Pleasure makes you juicy
twinkles your eyes
enlivens your life force
The exquisiteness of existence
is pleasure
Get ready to feel so good

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