It seems nobody at all has read my blog for the past 48 hours so here is a shameless attempt to get people to read it by using the most popular tags of the day…


I love all sorts of art. Such as this.

Venice Twilight-Monet

And this

But I dislike trendy British artists such as Damian Hirst and Tracy Emin.


I prefer style and I have my own. I like fashion as art. I hate fashion as a business.


Good food is an essential. I try to eat a lot of vegetables, but I could never be a vegetarian. I don’t like the idea of eating meat but I do and in order not to be hypocritical I have reconciled myself to the fact that I would kill to eat if I had to. I like many different cuisines but nothing beats a good Italian. (In more ways than one).

Life and Lifestyle

Probably what I write about most in one way or another. In general I love life.


I love music and musicians. I am an unashamed groupie and couldn’t conceive of a life in which music and musicians didn’t play a large part. Generally I prefer alternative and indie rock but I listen to and respect all things good including classical music. I struggle a bit with traditional jazz though.


I am a keen follower of the news. At the moment I am viewing with alarm and disgust the news about Syria and I am deeply saddened by the Swiss bus accident. I like to follow news about science, nature and the environment too.

Photography and Travel

Travel is a fundamental part of my life and I travel a lot, but always forget to take photos. I appreciate good photography though.


I am a very political woman. I am what Europeans call a left leaning liberal and what Americans call “Commie Scum”!


I don’t do that. How come sport is a hot topic and sex isn’t??? (I’ll tag sex anyway!)


A fundamental aspect of my being. I am an eclectic pagan witch with Taoist tendencies and Egyptian aspects. I am glad spirituality is a hot topic on word press but still confused why there is no mention of sex in big writing.

This is the kind of post that happens when you have half and hour to kill and half a bottle of wine. 🙂


4 responses to “Shameless…

  1. The painting above is Gustav Klimt’s “The Virgins,” right? It’s always good to give artists credit, even the dead ones. I enjoy your provocative blog!
    I got here because of the “Spirituality” tag.
    Happy writing and merry meet.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes it was The Virgins by Klimt. Sorry, I thought I had labeled both of them. Provocative is a nice word, glad you like what you see here.

  2. A good bottle of Chardonnay is always good for inspiration. 😉

  3. I applaud your gumption, Ms Cassie.

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