Do you…?

I seem to have a lack of time and inspiration at the moment so here is a copy of a little survey I did on a forum…

Do you..

Smoke? Yes, Usually Marlboro or Camel lights, 10 to 15 per day. Cigarillos and the occasional cigar too.

Drink? Yes, mainly wine. I like Gin & Tonics, Vodka and Orange and Mojitos.

Eat meat? Yes.

Do sports? Not really, I like swimming though.

Take regular exercise? Yes, lots of walking.

Have an I Pod? Yes, my favorite piece of technology.

Have a pet? I share a cat with my landlord.

Have a house? No, I rent the flat I live in but spend a lot of time traveling.

Have a significant other? No… Well maybe soon. 😉

Have children? No, but I’d like to.

Have a car? No but I can drive.

Have a bicycle? No

Have a medical condition? I have dodgy knees following an accident.

Have a job? Yes, I teach and promote language courses.

Sing in the shower? Yes sometimes.

Sleep alone? More often than I would like.

Wear socks? No

Write? Yes

Read? Yes but not as much as I should.

Watch TV? Very rarely when traveling. I do sometimes have CNN or BBC news on in the background in my hotel.

Go to the movies? Once every couple of months.

Listen to the radio? Yes; LBC, Radio 4 or Radio 6 in the UK, FM4 in and around Austria

Text/SMS a lot? Not really.

Dream in color? Yes

Daydream? Yes

Speak more than one language? Yes but not perfectly.

Dye your hair? Oh yes! 

Tell jokes? Very badly.

Collect something? Stones and crystals, music and musicians!

Belong to a fan club? Not any more. Used to though.

Like wasabi? Not much.

Like salt and vinegar crisps? No, but cheese and onion yes.

Like chocolate? Yes but I am not as addicted as many people seem to be.

Brush and floss daily? Brush daily yes, flossing only occationally.

Have a tattoo? Several.

Climb every mountain? Not actual mountains but I do like trying new things.

Do your own thing? You could safely say so.

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