Too many thoughts…

Too many thoughts, too little time at the moment to focus on one thing or another. I sit at my laptop every evening with heaps of ideas but don’t know which one to go with, so my blog looks a bit barren and unloved at the moment. I am also tired and that makes it hard to concentrate. I am in southern Germany this week, mainly teaching but I had to make a detour into Switzerland to do some promotional work. And when I have a few days at home I am in the process of clearing my Mum’s house in order to sell it to pay for her care. And the dramatic deterioration in her health is another source of worry and, if I’m honest, a bit of depression which comes out in more tiredness.

My travels this week kept bringing back unexpected but pleasant childhood memories. It was the smell of the air more than anything that did it. And the way of life in central Europe which always reminds me that I am more European than British. Maybe that is what I should write about…

And then there was a visit to a local sex shop which brought up all sorts of deeper thoughts…

Which made me question again my own morals and the philosophical question of where morals come from in the first place…

Meanwhile I got into a not unrelated discussion about finding a middle pagan path which incorporates the whole person without being trendily dark and creepy or unrealistically white and fluffy.

So now my mind is spinning with a lot of ideas but I am too exhausted and unfocused to write any of them down.

I’d like to keep the blog going though and build on it. There are days when nobody looks in on it at all, but other days when I have a lot of visits and some thought provoking comments. Ideally I need to organise things better. The Word-Press blurb says it is better to publish on regular days. I am not sure that my lifestyle will allow for that but maybe I will try. It is also suggested that you keep to certain themes on certain days. Since my thoughts meander so much I am not sure if that is doable, but it also might be worth a try. I think what I write about here tends to fall into three or four general areas. One would have to be pagan or spiritual related themes. Another might be sex or adult themes. Travel could be a third. And then, the biggest I suspect, would be general lifestyle, philosophy and other mental meanderings…

All of that is if I can get back to being a bit more disciplined in my writing.

Anyway, at least by committing my stream of conciousness to the keyboard I have managed to post something!

Watch this space. 🙂

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