Find Madeleine

Here is the official web site

It is now just over 5 years since Madeleine went missing aged 4 while on holiday with her parents in Portugal. Her parents, Kate and Gerry have worked and campaigned tirelessly to find her ever since.

The picture at the top of this post is an age progression picture of what Madeleine might look like now. I can only guess how her parents feel seeing this picture of a daughter who has been missing more than half her life. Somebody must know where she is and what has happened to her. If by any chance somebody reading this blog has any idea where this little girl may be please be guided by your conscience and get in touch with the appropriate authorities via the linked web-site. Perhaps in all innocence you adopted a little girl several years ago and have always been suspicious about her origins and perhaps you are afraid that if you make enquiries you might lose a precious daughter? If so try to consider that Kate and Gerry are good people who want the best for Madeleine and they will understand the relationship you have with her.

Meanwhile may I suggest that any readers to my blog repost this or create their own post with a link to the Find Madeleine campaign.

I repeat again, somebody out there must know where she is.

Meanwhile those of us in the magical community could perhaps think of some creative spells and means to shed light on the whereabouts of this innocent and vulnerable little girl and bring some peace of mind to her troubled parents.


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