In a state of flux

So after a week with virtually no internet access I find myself once more at the computer keyboard with several ideas but not much focus. My aim of publishing on certain themes at certain times only took a fortnight to get derailed by travel and work commitments!

I am not sure the idea was working anyway. I don’t always feel in the mood to write something sexy on Saturday and something spiritual on Sunday. Moreover I am feeling a bit overly categorized by presenting myself in that way. Sex and spirituality may be keen themes and interests of mine and I don’t want to shy away from them; but nor do I want to be limited by them or penned into certain times of writing. So while there will still be plenty of sexiness for those who share my enjoyment of that side of life and while I could never stop writing about matters of spirituality and pagan lifestyle, I think I am heading back to a more random format.

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