Swiss Miss

Apologies for not writing for a while but I have been busy… I am now sitting in a bar in Zurich airport with time to kill because my flight has been slightly delayed. Oh wow!  What a week!  Stuff has happened which just wasn’t supposed to, and now I am sitting here all confused with my heart in a flutter… and it wasn’t supposed to be at all like this…

In my little mind it was just a case of waiting for Mr Right to come along. Sure, I’d allow myself an innocent adventure once in a while, but as my biological clock slips into the orange zone it just seemed logical to wait until “he” showed up in my life; the one I would instantly recognise as the potential father of my future children. And whatever my sexual orientation may be, I have always been sure that at some point I’d come over all conservative and maternal and go about producing offspring in the good old fashioned way with a kind, sensible, musical and well hung boyfriend. And that is still plan A, but this week I met Sophie and have been thrown into total confusion. It is so annoying and frustrating! And I haven’t felt so great and light and bubbly for ages!

Sophie was the local teacher I was paired with for a project my company was doing in Switzerland this week. We clicked immediately and I think we both had a gleam in our eyes when we first met. I don’t don’t know why, just one of those things. We felt as if we had known each other all our lives by the end of the first day. After we finished work she offered to show me around Zurich (which I am beginning to really like by the way). And the rest, is history; albeit rapidly developing history. No, actually I can’t believe how quickly things happened… She was dropping me off at my hotel on Monday after a really fun night out and then she kissed me and I kissed her back and I think I was totally smitten from that moment on. Instead of getting out and going into the hotel; I stayed in the car and went back to her apartment. The next day I officially checked out of the hotel and I stayed with Sophie for the rest of the week. Although everything we did seemed new and exciting throughout the week, it also felt as if we had been lovers forever. I just feel so comfortable with her.

I think the fact that we are both bisexual helps. Maybe there is a gene that attracts bisexuals to each other. In any case there is a lot of stuff that is instinctive and doesn’t need stating or explaining… Also at 37, she is slightly older than me and, while age doesn’t generally make much difference to me in men or women, I am attracted to people who have lived a little and have a fair amount of life experience. There are a lot of other similarities between us too. Obviously we both teach… We are both into similar styles of music and we both have some contacts in that industry. We have both been a bit into the goth scene in the past. She plays guitar and piano, I write and we both have similar tastes in art.. Spirituality is important to us both and although she is a Buddhist she seemed genuinely interested in my pagan beliefs. We both like travel and while I travel more frequently because of my job, she has visited a lot more places in Asia and spent a year back-packing in India… We both have a bit of a tattoo fetish; she is more inked than me and has a beautiful humming bird design on her back and side. Our vices are similar; we both drink and smoke and enjoy good food ,but she is a much better cook than me. Sexually, well we have very complimentary tastes and experiences. Frankly, she may well be the best lover I have ever had, male or female… Generally then we have similar tastes and have a lot in common. In fact even our personal histories are quite similar…

The one big difference between us is that she has a child, an eleven year old daughter. Her daughter is lovely and I got on well with her but it does mean that Sophie is by necessity a bit more settled and restricted in her work and life  than I am.

Okay I seem to be just writing about how lovely the week has been and every detail I can think about her and why I am so besotted… Did I mention that she is gorgeous too!? (Maybe later if I get her permission I will put a photo up). And even as I write these sentences I am realizing how deeply under her spell I am.

So what does this all mean and where does it leave me now? I am not scheduled to be in Zurich again any time in the next couple of months and I have no holidays coming up either. Will this just go down as an amazingly lovely week, but no more than that? (Maybe that would be better in terms of keeping to Plan A). Still I can’t imagine that we’ll lose touch, in fact I’m sure we’ll be on the phone to each other later today. So maybe we will develop a special “friends with benefits” type of relationship… I don’t know. I do know that my heart skips a beat whenever I think of her and I start feeling all teenage and excited… But this wasn’t supposed to happen with a woman!

I do know that with all the problems I have had at home recently with looking after my Mum and organizing the sale of her house to pay for her care, it is a blessing to have something lovely to occupy my mind. I also know that if I could teleport, I would be snuggled up beside her right now, savoring the feel of her skin, locked in an embrace, kissing passionately and totally giving myself to her…

Of course I am not supposed to be thinking this. But I am. 😉



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  1. Reblogged this on Cassie Being Cassie and commented:

    WordPress inform me my blog is four years old. To celebrate I am reblogging a few of my most popular posts and a few personal favourites. I had to include this one… This was how it began with me and Sophie; and I still feel all that love excitement about her even though we are very much an established couple now. She still makes me go weak at the knees!

  2. congrats, i hope it goes well for you 🙂

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