I love being bi

I apologize for using the bisexual tag twice in a row, but if you read my last post you might already know why. I also apologize if the following post is more gushing and less well thought out than I usually try to be. I am an emotional wreck at the moment, but in a good way! I just feel the need to blurt out some of what I am feeling. It’s all good! (But adult, so be warned).

I thank the Gods for making me bisexual. It causes a few problems and confusion but also opens up many possibilities. I am so grateful that I can appreciate and respond to the bodies, minds and souls of both men and women. I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be this way. I will gladly take the confusion, the misunderstanding and occasional hostility that sometimes comes my way as a result of my sexuality because the rewards are great and many. The ability to know and love other human beings intimately regardless of what sexual organs they possess is a privilege and a joy.

If you read my last post you will know that I have recently met and fallen in lust with a woman called Sophie. This was totally unexpected and I admit I have been rather looking for a man lately… But what I am feeling is too beautiful to be ignored. I don’t know if this is going to turn into a long term serious relationship. But the signs so far are good and we have been skyping twice a day since I got back.

Today I saw two things on other people’s blogs which got me thinking and reminded me who I am. The first was this The Top 10 regrets in life by those about to die. It’s a thoughtful post which links to an article. The number one thing that most people regret is not following their dreams and desires. Veeh goes on to talk about the fact that death focuses people’s minds. There is no sense of embarrassment or fear of failure about doing what you want and need to do when you know that death is round the corner anyway. In a strange way death makes us live more fully and authentically. I try to live that way, but like most people I get bogged down in the day to day worries and anxieties that stop us doing what we want to do. This post was a timely reminder for me to make the most of the opportunity that opened up for me last week. It doesn’t matter where it leads. It would matter if I ignored the possibility and came to regret it.

The other thing which moved me today was much less philosophical in a way (or maybe not). If you don’t enjoy the sight of good looking mostly naked men with nice cocks then don’t look at the following link. If you do, then enjoy! The Emperor’s New Clothes  I joked with Lucianus, the owner of that blog, that I could trust him to present me with men that get my juices flowing just when I might be getting serious about a woman and might not be sampling the delights of the male member for a while.

But that’s the whole point. That is just me. I do look at naked pictures of men and women and they both turn me on; always have done. I love having sex with men. I love living with them. I love their company. I love their complications. I love their bodies. And I do like big juicy cocks! But I also love women. I love the feel of their skin. I love the communion and understanding you can enjoy with a person of the same sex. If I was a better artist I could sit and paint naked women all day; well if I could control myself… I love kissing  women and I love every aspect of sex with them.  (Sophie I want you now!) The love and passions that are aroused in me by men and women are not quite the same but they are equally beautiful and overpowering.

And I don’t want death to be the only reason to take advantage of the the sexuality the Gods have blessed me with or the possibilities that come about as a result.

I want to celebrate and enjoy the gifts I have been given.

One response to “I love being bi

  1. Well dear Cassie, I always felt it would have been great to have been bisexual, alas the Gods have not blessed me with the extra-curriculum activity, so I stick to dick. Nice post, very candid, simple and truthful, it’s what having a blog is all about.

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