Little Talks–Of Monsters And Men

From time to time you hear a song and you think “Not only is that good, it’s also commercial, it is going to be huge!” Of course normally I get such predictions wildly wrong. But not this time! I first heard this months and months ago because I always keep an eye and an ear out for new Icelandic music. For such a small country they have some amazing musical talents such as Bang Gang, Bjork, Sigur Ros and Mum to name but a few.

Slowly but surely Of Monsters And Men have conquered the world country by country with their sublime song “Little Talks”. I have heard a lot of their other tracks too and I think they have potential to become one of Iceland’s leading exports. Here is hoping that real music lovers across the world are going to be receptive to some more Icelandic Indie folk.

Of Monsters And Men seem to have perfected the art of lyrical storytelling, perhaps the musicians of Iceland are the natural inheritors of the sagas of their country’s heritage

I know what “Little Talks” means to me but as with all the best songs, the lyrics are open to a lot of interpretation and I guess ‘Of Monsters And Men’ will never give a definitive answer. Perhaps it is about madness or dementia, perhaps it is about the ghosts that prevent relationships from ending, perhaps it is sad and perhaps it is hopeful. It is certainly a well crafted song. And it has one of the most innovative videos in a long while to go with it; truly a work of art in it’s own right.

Enough talk. Enjoy!

3 responses to “Little Talks–Of Monsters And Men

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  2. That was a super frickin’ cool video, Cassie! The song, of course,
    will stick in my head, and the scenes shall replay themselves in my
    dreams, story-dreams. The heroine be your goal of goals, eh? 😉

    For sure, I’d want you to watch my back,
    and hack me enemies to Smithereens!

    Thanks for the show, girl! Icelanders – Ice cold / hot rock!

    • Glad you liked it. Yes, I do like the heroine. 😉 I’ll try and dig up some more Icelanders for you soon…

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