Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

I have been asked to apply for a promotion at my company. In fact I have more or less been told that I should apply and that there is a good chance I will get the job if I do. The new job would be as Assistant Academic Manager; in effect the number two position on the academic side of my company. I would be responsible for writing some course materials, liaison with the schools we work with in Europe, some staff training, some administration work and troubleshooting when things go wrong. It would involve a big pay increase but would also mean relocating to London which would have to become my main base.

And I don’t know what to do!

On the plus side it would be a new challenge but one I think I could cope with. I quite like the idea of teacher training and writing course materials (I have been doing quite a lot of that anyway in my present position which has become unofficially head teacher/supervisor out in the field. I have also been doing quite a bit of school liaison and sales as well). So partly, the promotion would just reflect and reward what I have already been doing. Even the troubleshooting aspect wouldn’t be totally new since I am the head teacher they usually send if there is some sort of problem with the school. The admin aspect would be new and that is an unknown quantity, I might find that part of the job boring, but nothing I couldn’t cope with.

It would mean a lot more money even despite having to live in London, and more money is always good. There are also some minimal health and pension provisions which don’t mean a lot these days but might be better than nothing.

I would be fully on the management team and would have some input into the future of the company itself; I even get a preferential option on shares. To put it bluntly, there are only five managers in our company and I would be one of them.

It might also be interesting to live in London and to get a place of my own (albeit rented) that is fresh and new, mine, and not related to my past, my hometown or my family.

There are two big negatives though. The first is having to move away from where my mother is. As things are I arrange my life so that while I might be away from home for up to a month at a time; I also have reasonable gaps between contracts which allow me to visit my Mum every day while I am at home. It is true that her mental condition has deteriorated to the state where she hardly knows who I am anymore, however I know my visits do mean something to her and they certainly mean a lot to me. She seems safe and comfortable in her care home, but I don’t want her to feel I have abandoned her and I don’t want to feel that either. Living in London, I would still be able to get down and see her, but it would be much less than now and would be more difficult because I would have to give up the flat I currently share when I am home (and my Mum’s house will be sold). It would in a very real sense mean leaving all that I have called home behind me…

The second downside is that the new job would involve far less actual teaching; and I do like teaching. Really, I would find that rather sad. Yes I am quite good at managing people, but teaching is what I do best and I don’t want to get out of touch with what it is like to be teaching on the move.

A third downside is that while I will be “troubleshooting in the field”, I will in fact do less travelling than now and will mainly be based in an office. I am not sure if I like that idea.

So, a lot to think about and I am really not sure which way to go. The first step perhaps is to get some more information about what the new job would involve.

5 responses to “Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

  1. Thanks for the input folks. I have sent for more info regarding the job and asked the office to clarify a few things.

  2. Cassie, have been away and just read your post. Maybe you’ve chosen by now but either way, you need only choose and then move forward. We often sweat to death these sorts of choices, thinking that there is a right choice, if only we can reason our way to it. But there is no right choice, no wrong choice. Just choices.

    Don’t sweat. Just choose and then don’t look back. Stay in the moment- strong and centered- and where you are and what you’re doing will feel right. Wherever and whatever that is.

    Sending good thoughts your way.


  3. I think you should go for it. While I don’t know if the UK is as bad off as the US in terms of the job market, I can’t imagine it’s a wonderland. The chance to get more pay (which you can save) and possibly some benefits (any little bit helps) is not something to turn down lightly.

    I can understand your difficulties with your mother, but while this may sound callous, I get the impression she’s not well off and you shouldn’t hinder your future because of someone who may not be around that much longer. 😦 The fact that you would still be able to visit her and the extra money might be used to help her may or may not balance this out.

    And the extra money might help you see that lady friend of yours in Switzerland I think I recall you mentioning a few posts ago. This would be a good thing 🙂

    While you might not be able to teach as much as you do now, the fact that you would be able to decide, or at least help decide, what is taught is a big deal. Imagine being able to shift teaching so that it’s more positive towards people like us. That’s a very good thing, and you could end up helping a lot of people with that. Something to consider.

    Admittedly, being stuck in an office rather than traveling as much would suck, but who knows what you can make your position do in the next few years. If you’re one of the five people at the top, you can start to legislate what that job entails and maybe make it more of what you like.

    Then again, I could be biased by walking the “Path of Power” which says you should always move forwards to what gives you the most power… 😀

    • Some very good points. I think I am heading in that way of thinking anyway. Next week I hope to have a bit of a breather to make some decisions.

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