Aspects Of Love

The other day as I was walking down the street an elderly couple caught my attention. I would guess they were in their late seventies or early eighties. They both stooped as they inched along and looked as if a sharp gust of wind could knock them down and probably break every bone in their body. And yet they were both smiling and their eyes looked bright. They were holding hands as they walked. Of course I had no idea of their personal histories but I could imagine their long lives together. Perhaps they had met and married in the war years… Certainly they had seen great changes in the world around them. Probably they had raised a family together. They had had great ups and downs. They had experienced tragedies together and had hopefully known great joys. Now their bodies were frail and aging. He was no longer the young virile man she had fallen for; she was no longer the temptress in the prime of her youth. But they have made and done things together that the rest of us can only guess at. And the love they have made now surrounds them like an aura; it is in their eyes and in their faces, it warms the path they walk. It is fragile and it is strong. I am sure that when one of them dies the other will soon follow; there is a beauty in the ether that surrounds them that will not be ravished by time as their bodies will be.

As I watched them and the maturity of their love I cast my mind back a few days to my last meeting with Sophie. We are naked on the bed having stripped off in a frenzy of sexual hunger. We are all over each other, kissing, touching, licking probing; my skin gliding over her skin while I savor her smell and her taste. Geography keeps us apart so when we meet it is electric. We fuck with a passion that is almost savage. Our fingers and lips are between each other’s legs. We play each other like musical instruments, delighting in the climax of the other more even than our own. Later we add whips and ropes to our love making, a sign of trust and understanding. We take turns to dominate and submit to each other, all barriers gone; psychological and physical. We stride out into the no-mans land where pleasure and pain meet in ecstasy.

Finally, all passion spent, we lie still, curled up around each other watching each other breathe. The heat of our bodies and the smell of our juices hangs heavily around us. I look into her eyes and inch forward. Our lips touch lightly and our mouths open just a little. The tips of our tongues meet just for a second. It is a moment of bliss, as fragile as the love of the old couple.

May I be lucky enough to enjoy all the aspects of love and never lose sight of the beauty of one while caught up in the rapture of another.

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