Last night I saw a slug crawling up the window of my conservatory. This was not very remarkable as the wet weather we have been having lately has meant we have a deluge of them in the garden. Because it was crawling on glass you could see it from both sides. Even so, it didn’t look very remarkable. It’s foot and mouth is basically just muscle covered in slime and the other side of it’s body is a rather ugly slime covered jelly. Nothing you could compare it or liken it to would be very complimentary. I think it’s little tentacles are quite cute, but that’s just me. Overall slugs are rather boring, slimy and ugly creatures that don’t do much except eat and reproduce and make a sticky mess if you accidentally step on one. It’s best not to walk bare foot in the garden when it’s damp and there are a lot of slugs around. Most gardeners probably wouldn’t care if they disappeared altogether.

And yet… If we found a slug on the surface of Mars or any of the other planets or moons in our solar system it would probably be hailed as the greatest scientific discovery of all time. Untold billions would be spent to send men and machines to observe them and perhaps bring them back to Earth for further study.

I hope and believe we will find life elsewhere in our solar system or further out, but until then our humble little slugs are quite unique in the infinity of the universe!

One response to “Perspective

  1. Very true and to the point, Cassie. But, who knows really?
    It just might be that that slippery slimy slug is somewhat proud
    in its own teeny-weeny mind. It sees no need to ever hurry. 😉

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