Lovely Post

I wonder what words visitors here would use to describe the rambling and eclectic thoughts that constitute my blog? I have been lucky enough to attract some followers who seem to like what I write and have received some nice, thoughtful and interesting comments. However I know my blog is also visited by some who don’t leave comments and who don’t come back (as far as I know). I suspect the words they would use to describe my blog may not be so complimentary. And that’s fine.

It is nice however to learn that somebody thinks my blog is lovely! So I must thank whatasillygirl for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award. Whatasillygirl writes from the heart about her life and loves in a way that is fresh and funny and reminds me a lot of me even though we have very different lives and beliefs. She is in fact no more silly than anybody else and I like her sassyness! So why not go and check out her blog.

Okay, I don’t take awards in the blogosphere all that seriously but it is always nice to receive a compliment. So I accept it gracefully. The award has some rules  which I will largely ignore, but in essence I am supposed to nominate several others for the Lovely Blog Award and list 7 things about myself which I have not already posted about.

I follow many other blogs. Obviously all are interesting to me in different ways. Some are sexy, some are very spiritual, some are scientific and some are political. I also follow some blogs that deal with specific topics such as music, art and literature. I don’t have time to list them all and I don’t want to offend anybody by leaving somebody out. So since it is the LOVELY blog award, I am going to nominate just a few for which I think the adjective lovely fits really well.

Uncle Tree’s House is a place to find poetry and wisdom in equal doses. Uncle Tree is lovely but as well as being a warm and kindly uncle, he is quick witted and very insightful. There is always more of Uncle Tree to discover.

Only here, only now is a blog of Taoist wisdom by Thomas Ross. It is certainly lovely and inspirational. I find it like a bath in a cool refreshing stream; I always feel cleaner and more refreshed after visiting his site.

Ramblings Of A Hedge Witch is a blog I feel at home in. It is gentle without being over sentimental. It is wise. It is honest. And I hold it’s author’s views and advice in high regard.

Notes From The Broomcloset is another witchy site I find lovely for it’s earthiness and simple wisdom.

Searching For Brigid is another pagan orientated site that I frequently return to for good, homely wisdom and insight.

And finally, although I am not sure he would want his site to be described as lovely, I will nominate A Heathen’s Path. While I don’t agree with all his views, he has frequently helped me to think more clearly and has shown a lot of support to my own blog.

I apologize to all those I haven’t nominated this time round. I hope to find excuses to give a shout to all who visit my blog as time goes by.

And now seven facts about me I don’t think I have spoken of before.

1) In my mid teens I was a leader in a Catholic Sunday School. (How the mighty have fallen)!

2) I have been an extra in a couple of films and British TV series.

3) I don’t like eating fish.

4) Were it not for a serious injury to my knee, I might have become a successful gymnast or ballerina; perhaps that is one of my few regrets in life.

5)  I used to be quite active in left wing and green politics and I’m still a member of Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

6) I used to have a pet octopus. (Well, he was’t really mine but I looked after him at a tiny Aquarium when I lived in Greece).

7) The first book I remember reading for myself was “Comet In Moominland” by Tove Jansson

Have a lovely day!

7 responses to “Lovely Post

  1. Cassie, “Like a bath in a cool refreshing stream”- what a wonderful compliment. I treasure your regard for my work- as I adore the amazing writings you are sharing with us. Thanks. Tom

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  3. Morgana Rose

    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the nomination

  4. WoW! I think I’m blushing! I’m certainly oozing something
    or other. Nothing gross, of course. It’s an ooze like oxygen,
    with pride on the side. A MaJoR compliment, as I apprehend it.

    From the depths of my soul,
    and heart of hearts, I thank you, dear Cassie,
    for those, oh! Sweet words!

    Sending gratitude ‘cross land, seas, and sky –
    Yours truly, Uncle Tree. 🙂

  5. Heh, I’ll take lovely. 😀

  6. congrats and thank you for the nomination 🙂

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