Me Now (July 2012)

I first did the following survey in December last year, so since more than  half a year has passed I thought it would be interesting to answer the questions again and see what has changed. (Last year’s answers are in black, today’s answers are in red).

My Mood today is… Variable, trying to make sense of where I’m at and where I’m going.                                                                                                                                      Reflective
Relationship status… Single                                                                                                                In a long distance open relationship with my beautiful soul-mate Sophie.

Health status… Quite good physically, quite strained emotionally
I would describe my spiritual path as… eclectic pagan and taoist but the path is overgrown and meandering at the moment.
Firmly Satanist but still pagan and eclectic with a deeper than ever respect for Taoism.
Main thing on my mind is… my mother.
Still my Mum really, but also planning lessons and thinking about a possible promotion.
My ambitions are…. Long term to get a book published, medium term continued success at work and short term getting the basics back on track.
Much the same but I have more concrete work plans and I feel more on track.
What I want most is…. My mum to be happy, healthy and settled. The same might apply to me.
I want my mum to be as healthy, happy and comfortable as she can be for as long as possible. For myself I want more financial security and perhaps a new flat of my own, or one to share…
What I need most is…. Rejuvenating rest and an injection of positive energy.
Well I guess I still need more rest.  proper holiday would be nice!
I have been reading…. Nothing much lately.
Lot’s of things about Satanism
I have been watching... Strictly! And I also enjoyed Danger In Paradise on BBC.
Dynamo; Magician Impossible, Wallander and Star Trek Voyager repeats.
I have been listening to…. Lush and other old favorites on my Ipod.
The Oysterband, The Tindersticks and Of Monsters And Men
My best characteristics are….
Empathy, listening and usually a positive outlook.
The same.

My worst charectoristis are… indecisiveness and being strong willed; a strange combination.                                                                                                                                Probably still indecisiveness, I have come to terms with my strong will and quite like it!

My vices are… smoking and drinking, sex when possible and with the right person, music artists and musicians!                                                                                      Sill the same, and I still enjoy all my vices shamelessly!

Politically I would describe myself as… Opinionated and left wing but increasingly frustrated with all mainstream parties.                                                                  No real change, maybe my libertarian tendencies are showing more.

In terms of fashion and lifestyle I would describe myself as… Alternative chic! No change although my inner goth is in ascendency!
I would like to learn… How to paint and draw and how to play a musical instrument, and many other things.                                                                                        No change
My recent regrets are…  Not being able to do more for my Mum.                                     No change
My recent achievements are... Good feedback from my students and colleges. Similar with promotion opportunities. Also feeling more grounded spiritually
My message to myself is… Be yourself and live as fully as you can.                      That was good advice and I am keeping to it, Be yourself and live as fully as you can.

I’d like to invite my readers to answer the above questions for yourselves. You may find it therapeutic or cathartic. Might even make an interesting blog post if you feel like sharing…

4 responses to “Me Now (July 2012)

  1. Cassie, as always – great post. I do believe your questions are a good way for someone to reflect and plot their course on this “journey of life”.


  2. I appreciate your writing and your authenticity. May I ask please, what is satanism? I did a quick search on Google but am still unclear. No pressure to explain, only if you feel inspired! Peace, M xox

    • Hi Missytree, thanks for your interest. Phweew! big question! The problem is there may be as many answers as there are Satanists. We are a pretty diverse group and probably not what most people expect. My own version is very personal and eclectic. I have a separate blog about it which may answer some of your questions. Feel free to ask anything else about it either here or there. Meanwhile, I’d just like to say I really enjoy your blog too. 🙂

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