My Goddess And My God

Hathor And Satan

Unlike some, I don’t set aside a special time for religious observance. Spirituality is an integral part of my life which informs all I do, say or think. But there are of course times when I feel more or less spiritual than others. This past weekend I  felt the presence of my Goddess and my God particularly strongly and  I felt the need to acknowledge the presence of them both in my continuing spiritual journey. The following post is adapted from an entry in my other blog.

I come to Satanism from a polytheistic pagan background and perspective (and certainly not as a response to or rebellion against Christianity. Ultimately I believe there is one overriding creative and sustaining force in the universe. The word “one” in this context does not really do justice to the idea I am trying to convey, since this one thing is huge, eternal and multi faceted. I believe this creative force manifests in many ways. Like Pantheists I believe divinity is present in all of nature, but as a theist I see the various aspects of divine personality most clearly manifested as the archetypal “Gods” of various religions.

As human beings we are drawn to the Gods that we most easily relate to, or from whom we have the most to learn in this lifetime. Personally I also see the Universal Force as a complementary, male female duality. Thus for me it is important to have both male and female representations of divinity at the centre of my spiritual life.

Hathor (Het Hert) is an ancient Egyptian deity who has been my matron deity for a long time. I find her both ancient and modern. She is a passionate, flirtatious maiden, a patron of love, sex, music and dance. As a mother she is extremely nurturing and protective and in her crone stage she bridges the gap between life and death, helping souls in their progression to whatever comes next. Parts of her persona were later attributed to Isis and the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus also borrow much from the cult of Hathor. It is probable that the Golden Cow Goddess that the Israelites started worshiping while Moses was taking his tablets, may have been a version of Hathor.

When I first felt drawn to Satan as the archetypal Horned God of nature known in Paganism, and Lucifer the bringer of light and wisdom; one of my main concerns was how it would impact and affect my relationship with Hathor. She has long been my inspiration, my guide and comforter; and I didn’t want anything to compromise that. So far I must say that relationship has not been diminished at all, indeed it may have been strengthened. I believe that in her wisdom Hathor understands my need to have a strong male presence for balance at the core of my spirituality. Moreover, I think she may have guided me towards Satan as the perfect complement to her influence.

Where Hathor is pure female energy, Satan is raw masculinity and it has been invigorating to feel that energy around me. Hathor’s way is full of charm and subtlety, while Satan seems to be much more up-front and direct. They are both very life affirming. They both represent the dignity and positive effects of sex and sensual pleasure and the wisdom of enjoying life as fully as one is able to. They both abhor prudishness and false morality. Hathor is perhaps a little more patient and forgiving while Satan may be rather more aggressive by nature. Both of them encourage people to learn, grow and become all they are capable of being. And despite what others may say, I believe that Satan and Hathor both have strong morals based on what is truly best for the planet and for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

So, why do I call myself a Satanist and not a Hathorist? Well to be honest that might change as I learn and grow. But for now the simple truth is there is no particular religion or philosophy dedicated to Hathor, while to Satan there is. Hathor was one of the principle deities of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, but while there were certainly local cults devoted to her, she was in essence just one of the many Goddesses that Egyptians worshiped within their complicated and diverse religion. I came to Hathor as an individual Goddess and, while I respect the culture in which her influence grew, I don’t claim to believe or worship in the style of the ancient Egyptians.

Satan does have a present and modern religion or philosophy associated with him, and it would be stupid to ignore it. But it has many branches and sub-divisions so I don’t claim to follow or believe all the multitude of things that are associated with Satanism; I doubt if many Satanists do. Satanism is very individual which is part of it’s attraction to me. It would be easy to call myself anything other than a Satanist to avoid the confusion, judgement and prejudice the use of his name often engenders. I call myself a Satanist out of respect to Him, as a sign that I am willing to learn from him and that I do not go along with the many falsehoods and slanders that have besmirched his name over time.

The word worship is often wrongly used or misunderstood. I do not bow down and submit my will to either of my Gods (they would not want that anyway), but I do acknowledge their worth and their importance in my life. I hope I don’t sound religious, I would hate that! But there are moments when you want to give your friends a name-check and thank them for their help. This is one of those times.

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