I do, do I?

I didn’t have time to write anything significant for my blog today although I am working on a few ideas for the weekend. Meanwhile here is one of those random message board surveys I got sucked into. How would you answer?


  • Eat meat?   Yes
  • Eat your greens?   Yes
  • Drink tap water?   Yes
  • Drink bottled water?   Yes
  • Drink alcohol?   Yes
  • Drink coffee   Yes
  • Drink tea   Only fruit or herbal tea
  • Smoke cigarettes?   Yes
  • Smoke cigars?   Occasionally
  • Smoke a pipe?   No
  • Smoke weed?   Occasionally
  • Do sports?  Not regularly but I do swim and play tennis and badminton sometimes
  • Take regular exercise? Yes I walk a lot.
  • Dance   Yes
  • Have an I Pod?   Yes
  • Have a pet?   I cat share
  • Have a house?   Having to sell the family home to pay for my mother’s care, meanwhile I rent.
  • Have a significant other?   Yes
  • Have children?   No
  • Have a car?   No
  • Have a bicycle?   No
  • Have a medical condition?   No
  • Have a job? Yes several, busy, busy busy!
  • Have a tattoo?   Yes
  • Sing in the shower? Sometimes
  • Sleep alone? Not when I can help it.
  • Like porn?   Some
  • Wear socks?   When I play badminton or tennis otherwise never.
  • Write?   Yes
  • Read?   Yes
  • Watch TV?   Yes
  • Go to the movies?   Not as often as I used to
  • Listen to the radio? Yes quite a lot
  • Text/SMS a lot? Not in comparison to most people I know.
  • Dream in color?   Yes
  • Daydream?   Yes
  • Speak more than one language?   Not fluently, but I can communicate in several languages.
  • Dye your hair?   Yes, more often than is healthy probably
  • Tell jokes?   Very badly, I am very sarcastic though
  • Collect something? Musicians 😉
  • Belong to a fan club?   I think I still do
  • Like olives?   Yes, love them
  • Like wasabi?   No
  • Like fast food?   No but I eat it.
  • Like chocolate?   Yes
  • Brush and floss daily?   Brush yes, floss weekly.
  • Climb every mountain?   Yes, well I try.
  • Do your own thing?   Always

One response to “I do, do I?

  1. you amuse me. hahaha 😉

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