The Naked Prince

One of the themes I seem to keep returning to in my blog is how confused and  nonsensical society’s morals and ethics have become. I am not a particular fan of the British Royal family (I can take them or leave them) but the headlines in today’s newspapers once again highlight the hypocrisy prevalent in our culture.

Pictures showing Prince Harry and a young woman naked in a Las Vegas hotel room were published on a US website, TMZ and have since been syndicated around the world

The two photos of the 27-year-old royal were taken during a private break with friends. TMZ reported that the prince was in a group playing “strip billiards”. Since then the British media has been full of the story with editorials and opinion pieces questioning Harry’s fitness to be a Royal and insinuating that he has brought shame on his family and on Britain and that this scandal trumps any good he may have done with his charity work and in military service.

Okay, the only aspect of the story I think is worthy of public debate is how these photos were able to be taken and sold on in the first place. perhaps the prince himself and his security team have some legitimate questions to answer on that. But as for all the moral outrage, I call bullshit.

A twenty seven year old single male has a slightly wild party with friends on a weekend off from military service. So what? Later (in the privacy of his own room) he is gets naked and there is a semi naked girl in the same room. Good grief, perhaps the skies will fall in on us! A young single man has a few drinks and ends up naked in his own room and there is a girl there too! Shock! Horror! What is the world coming to? Next you know dogs and cats will be sleeping together!

What annoys me about the media reaction to this is the idea that the salacious rumors attached to the story (as if they were facts) are seen as evidence of poor character. Why are people so hypocritical?

I would guess that in the privacy of our own rooms we have all done things that we wouldn’t want photographed and distributed on the international media. Hands up those who have never been naked in their own rooms? Hands up those who have never entertained members of the opposite sex in their own rooms? (Or the same sex)… Has anyone never staggered drunk into their bed?  I have certainly been guilty of all those things and worse… And I guess there may be a few photos in existence to prove it. Does it mean I am a bad person? Would it negate all and any good things I might have achieved or done?

Why should we expect or want a prince or anybody else to act like a nineteenth century puritan? Harry is not married, he has a stressful life and job and occasionally he likes to let his hair down. Personally, if I were to judge him in any way, I’d say I like him rather more after this incident. I quite like a man who know how to party, and I wouldn’t turn him down just because he was rich! Who knows… Do you think Princess Cassie has a certain ring to it? 😉

More seriously though the media storm over Harry once again deflected attention away from what I think is one of the most important and harrowing news stories of the week. Somewhere in a Pakistani prison built to confine terrorists, an eleven year old girl with a mental handicap waits in lonely terror to see if she will be condemned to death.

From BBC News

Pakistani police have arrested a mentally disabled 11-year-old girl after a mob accused her of desecrating pages of the Koran.

The mob demanded the Christian girl’s arrest and threatened to burn down Christian homes outside the capital Islamabad, local media say.

Officials said the girl could not properly answer police questions.

Her parents have been taken into protective custody following threats and other Christian families have fled.

It is thought that the girl has Down’s syndrome.

4 responses to “The Naked Prince

  1. The British media is ridiculous and opportunistic… as if those editors don’t have cocaine parties with call-girls (and boys), and still consider themselves fit to be the gods of what the public “must know”.
    They’re lucky the rest of us who were at those parties are so discreet.

  2. Once, he would have been praised. Hel, he probably could have been jeered for only having one woman there. “What, a royal prince with only one woman? He’s not a real man unless he can satisfy at least five!”

    Really, they should be whining about the violations of his privacy, not that he was naked in his “home” with a woman. What, do married couples still sleep in separate beds?

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Well said.

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