During the last few days I have been lucky enough to be nominated for two awards. Each one is slightly different.

Firstly The Courageous Blogger Award which was invented and given to me by Kip Light.

Kip explained the award in the following way;-

Basically, this award is for those bloggers that take extraordinary risks either in how personal their blogs are, how much adversity they wage war against each day yet keep a positive and inspirational attitude or who blog about subject matter that, while it may not be universally accepted, is near and dear to them.

What are the rules?

Basically, there’s not much in the way of rules. Once nominated for the award, you have been awarded it even if you do absolutely nothing. It is merely my way of telling the bloggers that I feel show an exemplary spirit and/or are fearless in their blogging.

I am not sure if I am truly deserving of this award, but I shall try to be in future.

Here are my nominees for the award.

Let’s start off with Kip himself the man who invented this award. I find his blog both friendly and inspiring. It is honest and Kip has suffered adversities that most of us don’t have to go through. His blog is as warm and kind hearted as he is and I suggest you check it out.

The Pink Agendist has become one of my closest gay acquaintences in the blogoshere. He is passionate and intelligent and deeply caring. His blog is thoughtful and thought provoking. I aim to sup Sangria with him in Spain one day!

Seth Ryan is a 17 year old who writes passionately and honestly.He is transgender and a Satanist. Some of his writing is very adult and may not be to everybody’s taste but I find his writing fresh, brave and enlightening.

Life Behind The Wall is a blog by a black American woman living in China. She is courageous on many levels.

Windupmyskirt is a fearless feminist and atheist, check her out.

Dimitri Snowden writes about anything that takes his fancy, sometimes politics, sometimes science, sometimes metaphysics. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks or believes. He is not shy either! is a frank, adult blog charting the adventures of a lesbian stripper. Her blog is warm ans well written; I’d be surprised if it doesn’t become a book one day.

And finally,  writes from the heart on many of the issues I care about.

If you wish to pass the love forward (and I hope you do), then merely chose a few (the number matters not) bloggers who are befitting of the award, link to their blog and explain why you believe they are a “Courageous Blogger”. Of course, you should also notify them on their blog that they have been given the award.

A day later I was nominated by hds1980 for The Sunshine Award. Many thanks indeed to a lovely lady!

The rules of this award are as follows;-

1. If you are nominated, you must blog a post linking back to the person/blog that nominated you.

2. You must answer some questions, nominate ten fellow bloggers and link their blogs to the post!

3. You should comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

And finally there are some specific questions to answer which are as follows;-

1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Plato

2. What is your favorite number? Nine

3. What is your favorite animal? Dolphin

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?

I don’t have Facebook. I have Twitter but never use it.

5. What is your favorite time of day? Night

6. What was your favorite vacation? Probably Italy.

7. What is your favorite physical activity? Anyone who reads this blog regularly can probably guess! 😉

8. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Almdudler

9. What is your favorite flower? I don’t think I have a favorite.

10. What is your passion? Living life to the full.

So here are some blogs which I think are full of sunshine. I hope you enjoy them.

Missy (Free To Be Me)  Tree is always full of sunshine. She shares her lust for life and has plenty of tips on how to be happier.

Sunshine of a different kind can be found in The Travel Photography of Dimitri Lezine  Lovely photos and a love of travel.

I am sure I have nominated Thomas Ross for other awards, but he certainly qualifies for a sunshine award. His zen themed blog is very uplifting and full of wisdom.

The Pagan Pair are two sunny young women who show Paganism in a warm, earth loving light.

If sunshine means enlightenment as well as warmth then the following blog has plenty of both.

Eva Tenter is an Estonian woman who shares the wisdom that helped her to cope and recover from mental illness. The Power of Positive Thought is a very sunny and inspirational blog.

Many thanks to those who nominated me for awards and to all who continue to read and support my blog. It means a lot to me. And to those I have nominated above and on previous occasions, thank you for taking the trouble to share your thoughts and experiences in your blogs, you may never know how many people you touch and inspire with your words.

7 responses to “Awards

  1. I know I am a little late… but I want to thank you so much for adding my blog to your list. It is so awesome that you considered me with such an elite group of bloggers. I wish you love and happiness and all things shiny…. thanks again…. and stay in touch.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this award. For a while I thought that my writing wouldn’t really capture anyone’s attention or do anything. This really made my day and I’m truly grateful to you. I’ll always remember this.

  3. P.S: I have also discovered some fabulous new bloggers, Awesome, thank you!!!

  4. Dear Cassie, congrats on the award, I think it is so well deserved. I love reading your posts. You write with honesty and integrity and it shines through the words on the page. Thank you as well for the nomination!! I love the word sunshine and I feel oh-so-chuffed to be nominated for an award of the same name!!! Thanks gorgeous, I appreciate it so much. Missy xoxox

  5. You truly deserve it because you scrape all the dead insects off the windscreen and show the world who’s actually in the driver’s seat 😉
    That’s more than courageous.

  6. Cassie,

    Our connection has become closer and more meaningful as time passes. We write about different things. And our style of writing is different. But I see in your work a passion and honesty that I hope to embody as well in my work.

    I am blessed to have found you and your work.

    And thanks much for the award. Coming from you, it has a special meaning to me.


  7. Hi Cassie, thank you so much for the Courageous Award – means a lot! And thank you for your boldness and honesty here on your own blog. Definitely quite a bit of insight on a world I wouldn’t have even dreamed of otherwise…not to mention I’ve discovered several new blogs to take a gander at. What wonderful voices we have out here!

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