Sensual Blogging Award

I was delighted to be nominated by brightbluesaturday  for the sensual blogging award. Thank you very much for the nomination!

I love the word sensual. It sums up so much of what makes life beautiful. The smell of lavender wafting in the breeze on a warm spring day… The sight of a crimson sunset… The sound of the birds singing in the trees… The feel of ocean waves crashing against your skin… The creamy taste of peach flavored ice cream…

Our senses bring us music and art. They keep us connected to the world and allow us to see beyond it. They fill our minds with sensation and texture. And the more our senses are heightened the more pleasure we can experience, the more delight we can take in the world around us and the people who inhabit it.

Of course sensuality is often connected to sexuality; the sensual joy of physical intimacy.

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award the blogger must:

  • mention the blogger that nominated them
  • nominate a dozen other bloggers
  • answer seven sensual questions, and
  • use the nominating blog’s url to link from the award logo when pasting.

The questions are;-

  1. Most romantic memory:  Recently, a weekend in Zurich with my girlfriend.
  2. Most sensual music: Medicine-Tindersticks
  3. Most sensual season: I like them all for different reasons but perhaps Autumn is the most sensual.
  4. Favourite flower: Tulip
  5. Favourite fruit: Kiwi
  6. Best gift received: Life; thanks Mum!
  7. Love is: The Key

And here are my nominees… Beautiful art, design and fashion. The name says it all. Adults only. Poetry, prose and pictures. A lovely blog. A lover of life and spirituality Poetry, wisdom and much more. Sexy blog for adults.

3 responses to “Sensual Blogging Award

  1. Of course you deserve this and I am tickled that you shared it with me, too! Absolutely made me smile. Thanks so much love. Have a spectacular week!!! 🙂

  2. Cassie,

    If ever an award was perfectly bestowed, it’s this one to you.

    “Sensual” is such a lush word. And as you so importantly say, it evokes the capacity to feel and experience all the senses in so many different contexts.
    You embody it.



  3. Thank you dearly, Cassie! 🙂 I think you have good sense,
    and I like your taste in topics, far and wide. Experience in Life
    cannot be had without our imagination, our senses, and yes,
    our sexuality – our Nature is divine on both sides of the fence.

    May I pass you a piece of fruit?

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