I am sorry I haven’t been able to post as much as usual lately. The reason is I am at work and I have a very busy contract with a lot of teaching, supervising and promotional work. I have to admit I am very tired and a little bit fed up of power dressing to impress perspective clients for the language school I work for. The work load is only going to get harder for the next few weeks so I am not sure how regularly I will be able to post to my blog during the next month.

The good news however is that for the whole of this month I am based in my favourite city; Vienna!

In my teens and early twenties I  lived in Vienna working as an Au Pair, English teacher and general girl Friday, so I have a lot of very close friends in the city. It is the place where I really grew up, experienced a lot of firsts and generally felt at home. I still have some of my closest friends here and look forward to catching up with them over the next few weeks.
Also I just think Vienna is the city that suits me best. It is ancient and modern, sometimes elegant and refined, sometime bawdy. It can be bright and vibrant but it can also be dark and mysterious. It has both historic and modern architecture which is nice to just walk around and look at. The buildings give the city the ambience of a stately old woman with a colourful past. There is still a glint in the eye that reminds you of the elegant, sophisticated and slightly wayward young woman she used to be. 

Vienna is full of art and music. It has always been a place where art is highly valued and where the avant garde sits happily next to more traditional styles. Classical waltzes ring out from The Opera, The Konzerthaus and all over he city. But Vienna also has a great underground alternative music scene which is a bit like Berlin or London but much smaller so everybody knows everybody. Some of my happiest hours have been in dark, smoky venues such as Chelsea under the U6 viaduct or Arena in a disused slaughterhouse surrounded by people whose tattoos and piercings make me look very conservative by comparison!

Vienna is a clean, extremely safe and well organised city.  There is plenty to see and do and there is a great night life. It is fairly cheap. It is less than an hour away from all sorts of beautiful nature such as forests, lakes and mountains. The air is clean. And it has won the title of best place to live in for the last few years.

I only hope my work schedule allows me enough time to make the most of being here…

3 responses to “Vienna

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  2. nice to hear & read your blog ,thanks for the nice photos of Vienna , take care !!

  3. Cassie,

    So happy to hear from you. But don’t worry about the blogging pause. We’ll be patiently waiting however often, or not, you can write.

    Enjoy Vienna.


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