Time to exhale

Hopefully I can be back to blogging more regularly for a while. I am back from 4 weeks in Vienna. It was great being in Vienna although I was so busy I didn’t get to do as many personal things as I would have liked or meet all the people on my list.

Work was stressful and relentless. The first two weeks we were teaching older teenagers studying for exams in a prestigious school. The course involved a lot of things we don’t normally offer which meant all work and no play for the teachers. I was quite proud of my little team who performed well under difficult circumstances. One of the newer teachers caught the flu and continued working while she was ill. She was quite upset that she got behind with her marking, so the rest of us had to do more, but I was just grateful she carried on teaching. At the end we all had a well deserved celebration drinking session and then spend the rest of the weekend in bed.

In my last course we had a teacher who wasn’t so good. He was one of those people who never listens, never does what he is told to do and finally screws up and blames everyone else in sight. I had to use all my diplomatic skills to avoid him upsetting the school or the other teachers because I knew we couldn’t get another replacement teacher in time. I guess he is not my greatest fan since I had to have some strong words with him in the end. I will recommend that he doesn’t get any further contracts with our company.

In between all that I had to do some PR and sales work which mainly met being wined and dined by local teachers and school principles, and giving a few sample lessons. It was fun but meant that I ended up with hardly any time to myself.

I did manage to see a few of my Viennese friends though. I may write a blog post about a meeting I had with an ex-boyfriend who had a strange fetish… Or maybe not!

I did manage to catch up with some of my old coven mates. I was a bit nervous about meeting up with them because my own spiritual path has changed substantially since I used to meet with them regularly and I didn’t know how they would react. I needn’t have worried; they were all very supportive and pleased to see me and we had a very enjoyable and very drunken evening together!

It was great just being in Vienna again, soaking up the ambiance and re-living some good memories. It was also nice to be in a city where you can still smoke inside most bars and clubs!

Now I have a few weeks at home before my next contract. I will still be busy though. I’ll be visiting my Mum everyday and doing some business for her. I will also (hopefully) finish clearing her house ready for sale. It is now officially on the market and a few people have made appointments to come an view it. It is possible it will be sold by Christmas…

What I am most excited about is that Nicole is coming to visit me later this week! It will be the first time she has come to my place (previously we have always met at her place in Zurich). My little village just outside Chichester is not quite as exciting or glamorous as Zurich, but you can be sure I will make her welcome! I am a bit nervous about it but in a good way. 😉

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