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The Lingerie Lesbian

In order to celebrate LGBT History Month (every October!), I thought I would do a few fun lingerie picks each week inspired by my historically queer forebears (metaphorically speaking). Naturally, the first one I chose was Sappho, as you really can’t even use the word lesbian without referring to her, the original “Lesbian” (she lived on the Greek island of Lesbos). Very little is known about her and so she really comes down to us as more of a myth than a real person. The few scraps we do have are some of her beautiful poetry. I have had a chance to study some of her works in translation and they are really lovely; the only reason I would want to learn to read Ancient Greek is for Sappho. If you’re interested, you can read H.T. Wharton’s translation of Sappho here.

Choosing the lingerie I would feature for the…

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  1. Thanks so much for the reblog! So glad you like my article– watch out for this week’s pick coming out today :).

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