Okay I’m an eclectic Satanist and Sophie is an eclectic Buddhist; but we both thought this was a brave and eloquent post.

Sacred Struggler

Scared of the Questions. Terrified of the grey. Hostile toward the difference. Worried about the commonality. Hell bent on the answers. Refusing to feel doubt. Blind to contradictions. Eager to condemn. Stuck in the same verses. Hearing the same messages. Smeared with politics. Worshiping tradition. Forsaking the least. Afraid to step out of line. Drowning in it’s own cultures. Unwilling to hear from others. Threatened by the ‘other.” And utterly, completely, and totally convinced that this is right.

People are asking why Christianity is losing influence in society today. Why aren’t young people sticking around? Why don’t people attend church? Why don’t people tithe? Normally I raise the questions and bask in the effort to answer them, but today I feel like answering outright. I’ll tell you what I think. I think people are leaving the church because the “world” is more Christ-like than the church. I think that people…

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  2. Thanks for the re-blog. It’s nice to see that what I think can resonate outside Christianity. That’s what I want. So when you said you weren’t sure if I’d take it as a compliment, I do. It’s nice to know some more about you. I’ll have to poke around on your blog. Thanks again.

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