I really don’t think I like Facebook very much for all sorts of reasons and I have avoided using it for years. I did once have an account but I let it go. I started getting friendship requests from students I had taught; not a good idea! I also disliked the way the whole Facebook thing changed and the fact that some people seemed to live their whole lives there…

However I have recently signed up again. It’s an experiment really and I am not sure how long I will keep it up. Hopefully students won’t find me because in work life I use another surname (the advantage of having parents of two nationalities!) 😉 I have done this as a way to keep in touch with people I know online through my blogs and some of the forums I visit. I hate losing touch with people and I have certainly met some very interesting and lovely folk on the internet. I sometimes panic that if wordpress or any other site I frequent were to go down I might lose touch with people I value. So the facebook page is a way for people to keep in touch with me if they want. If you are interested just look up Cassie Wren on facebook and introduce yourself. (There are several Cassie Wrens, but I think you will recognize my photo, I have chosen the most witchy looking one!). I have also created a page as a repository for some of my blog posts.

So if you are on Facebook drop in and say hello. 🙂

3 responses to “Facebook

  1. I don’t use FB 😀

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