The Witchy Blog Award

Many thanks to the lovely “Storm” at Ramblings of a Hedgewitch for brightening my day with a nomination for The Witchy Blog Award.

The rules for this award are:

Post the award picture in your post

Nominate 5 other Wiccan/Pagan blogs.  If you don’t know of 5 then nominate as many as you can, notify the bloggers that you have nominated them.

Answer the 7 questions below, the questions can be modified as long as they are still Wiccan/Pagan related.

stop by Ayslyn’s Corner to have your name added to the list of blogs nominated.

Here are my nominees for the Witchy Blog Award…in no particular order.

Ramblings of a Hedge Witch  of course!

Journeying To The Goddess

Pagan Pair

A Forest Door

Searching For Brigid

A Heathen’s Path

Okay, I know that is six, but I could have nominated at least another six blogs as well in this category so I apologize to those whom I didn’t mention this time.

So now the questions…

1) How did you discover wicca/witchcraft?

In my late teens I became very interested in spiritual things. I studied quite a lot about world religions and was particularly impressed with Buddhism and Taoism. But there was something missing for me… So I went on searching, read a few general things about Wicca, was highly influenced by Scott Cunningham’s “Guide for the solitary practitioner,” and eventually joined a coven.

2) Do you grow your own herbs?

Not at the moment for practical reasons. I have done in the past and hope to do so again.

3) Are you in the broomcloset? If not share your coming out experiences.

With most people I am fairly open about my beliefs but I am a bit circumspect around work colleagues and other acquaintances. When I first came out about Wicca and being a witch to my parents they accepted it without fuss as just another one of the crazy things their crazy daughter was into! Seriously they were very supportive; especially my Mum who was genuinely interested and asked me to teach her a few things. I think she has natural ability; perhaps I have inherited some of it. Most of my closest friends are all spiritual seekers of some sort so my witchcraft was never a problem for them.

4) What tradition do you follow?

Obviously I started off very Wiccan  but then became very eclectic. Although philosophically I am a Satanist I wouldn’t really describe myself as a Satanic Witch; I am more of a grey “Earthwitch” I use nature and natural ability to do what needs to be done. I don’t believe in the “Harm None” rule or the so called “Law of Threefold Return”.

5)  Do you consider yourself a witch/pagan/wiccan (or maybe something else)?

I think that all people are many things at once. I certainly consider myself a Witch and a Pagan. I also think of myself as a Satanist, Taoist  Pantheist and many other things.

6) How much of wicca/witchcraft are you able to incorporate into daily life?

I don’t think there is any separation between my spirituality and any other aspect of my life. I practice witchcraft and use it when necessary but not all the time, but as a witch you tend to see the magical at work in everyday things anyway.

7) Do you have a familiar?

No, not at the moment.

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