I haven’t changed, except I have. But I am still me. I am still trying to be a good person. To shine a light where light needs to be shone, to live as fully, happily and productively as possible. I have had a perod of reflection that has allowed me to come to some decisions and make some commitments. But the details are in my other blog.

I have internet for a few hours this afternoon and then will probably be quiet again for most of the week while out in the wilderness.

In some ways I am enjoying this enforced time of absence from the internet and the opportunity to think, gain perspective and breathe a lot of fresh air.

Thanks to all those who continue to look in. Hopefully I’ll be back on line and in full voice soon!

One response to “Changes…

  1. Hi Cassie! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your vacation away from
    the humdrum, and oh! too normal routine
    of daily living, if just for a spell.

    Cheerz! Keith

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