New Year Postcards From Zurich

Sophie and her daughter, Tina,  met me at Zurich airport Sunday night. We went back to her place and had a lovely home cooked dinner. We had all brought each other presents so it was a bit like a second Christmas. After Tina had gone to bed Sophie and I chatted for hours and then we went to bed and played with some of the more adult presents we had given each other.

Monday (New Years Eve) after a lovely lay-in, Sophie’s daughter brought us breakfast in bed. Then the three of us went out and spent most of the day sightseeing in and around Zurich. We had dinner and spent the early part of the evening with Sophie’s Mum and then Tina stayed there while Sophie and I went down to the lake to see in the New Year.


Lake Zurich was very pretty but also very crowded and at around midnight there was a spectacular firework display.

Zurich fireworks

The two of us then went on to an alternative/indie, slightly fetishy nightclub where we drank and danced and were thoroughly debauched until the early hours of the morning.


Much of New Year’s Day went by in a hung-over haze punctuated with bedroom activities and food. In the Afternoon we collected Tina and the three of us spent the rest of the day being lazy, watching TV and eating.

On Wednesday we all went sightseeing  around Zurich again. Then we went to a big park where Tina could run around and play as much as she wanted. In the evening, Sophie hosted a house party where I was introduced to some of her closest friends. I was a bit nervous at first but it went well and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot. And drank a lot again!

Thursday we stayed home in the morning and I reluctantly packed my cases again. We had a lovely meal at a nice restaurant on the way to the airport. And then I flew home…

I am not sad though. After flashing my eyelids copiously at my boss a while back my first teaching contract of 2013 will be in….. Zurich!!! 🙂  So in a weeks time I am flying out a couple of days early so I can spend the weekend with Sophie before my course begins. And I will stay with Sophie during the week.


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