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This is my body.
I do what I want with it.
This is my body.
I make my own choices.
This is my body.
I use it as a canvas, tattoo it, decorate it, and pierce it.
I take medicine if I want to and only undergo medical procedures I choose.*

I have the right to share my body with whomever I choose without your approval.  I have the right to decide whether or not to use my body to make a family, and how I want to use it.   If I get pregnant, it is my right to have an abortion rather than adding the financial and emotional burden of another child to my awesome little family.   My husband and I have the right to determine the size of our family. We have the right to stop having children and to continue to have sex.  And if I…

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  1. Cassie,

    Such an important and powerful message.

    Earlier this week I heard a radio interview with a woman who had an abortion in Texas. The state law requires women to undergo a sonogram- intra-vaginal- and listen to a description of the fetus and a scripted and horrific description of the abortion procedure, and then a list of the supposed risks of abortion, including depression and suicide, which the science tells us is not true, and then she must wait for 24 hours before she can have the abortion, which of course she will struggle to find if she is a poor or working class woman with little money or mobility.

    Forty years ago, our Supreme Court declared that women have a constitutionally grounded right to choose abortion. And forty years later, laws like the Texas laws assault that right and assault those women.

    It is all shameful. But watching the video and reading the blog post from thalassa- and reading your writings over these months- I draw heart from hearing from strong women who aren’t going to stand for this, who refuse to give over themselves and their bodies to the dark, violent and misogynistic conceptions of what I hope are a dying breed.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Thank you so much for reblogging this!

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