My girlfriend is coming out to visit me later this week to celebrate my birthday and we will be making full use of this device and other toys. I can vouch for the fact it does what it says on the label, although it does take a bit of getting used to. I haven’t written a sexy post for a while so maybe it’s time to be committing some naughty thoughts to my keyboard. Watch this space!


I was checking out some of my new followers on Twitter and I came across the InJoyUs Girls, they posted some pretty hot pictures on Twitter and I was like, “who are these girls and are they real” so I did some more research and found out they are a site for lesbian and bisexual women.Then I was like, “double win.” Because these ladies were smokin’.

Well guess what they have?

They have a strapless strap-on! Genius! I instantly contacted them to see if they needed testers or would like to advertise. Guess what? They would and I am excited. My girlfriend is a super excited too. She loves to use a strap on, but they get so frustrating to use with the straps and trying to get them to stay in place, it’s just a hassle. And let’s face it, we aren’t spring chickens anymore. I mean we’re…

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  2. I’m a guy and have enjoyed my share of fem-fem strap on videos, but i always wondered why they did not invent something like this to give more pleasure to the wearer besides your standard double headed dildo. Have fun!

  3. Lol. Have tried the ‘feeldoe’ – similar thing. Couldn’t get along with it myself. Still, will look forward to any upcoming sexy posts 🙂

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