Sex with other women


This week I am anticipating with a fair degree of excitement and impatience a visit from my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday. Living far apart is difficult and annoying but it does make the time we have together all the more electric. Sophie is not the first or only female lover I have had, but she is by far the most important; in fact we are very much planning to spend the foreseeable future together. I love her in so many ways and for many reasons I will not divulge here but neither of us would be shy of admitting that sex is a beautiful and fundamental aspect of our relationship.

Some people, not least some of my ex-boyfriends have been very curious about my experiences with women and what it is like to be bisexual. In answer to the second part of that question all I can say is that it is just the way I am and I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be bisexual. I kind of feel a bit sorry for people who are limited to only one sex in their sexual tastes and appetites. It must be strange.

My first sexual experience with another woman started with a kiss. No offence guys, but there is something lovely about the touch and feel of a woman’s lips and skin that men just can’t compete with. That’s not to say that I’m not also turned on by the kiss of a man with strong jaws and angular features; and I am particularly fond of other parts of the male anatomy! But kissing another woman is just… Lovely.

After the first kiss we began to explore each other’s bodies more intimately, probing with fingers lips and tongues. We didn’t use any dildos or toys then, just ourselves.

Boyfriends have asked me to compare the sensations experienced with men and women but I can’t really… Physically men and women are of course very different. The feeling, the sensations and even the emotions involved are entirely different. Of course the sexual excitement and buzz is there. Certain physical responses are similar. I can have deep and more external orgasms with both men and women. I can have multiple orgasms with both. But still; it’s different… And I do like both very much.

Overall, I have slept with more men than women and over the years I have obviously grown more experienced with both. I have never been shy about learning new things or experimenting; and I have developed tastes and fetishes that can be enjoyed with both men and women. I don’t and never will divulge any really intimate secrets of the times I share with lovers, but I do feel a drive to talk openly in general terms about my sex life because I feel strongly that sex is something normal that all adults should be able to enjoy and talk about openly.

My present girlfriend and I are very sexual creatures. We share similar tastes and have no inhibitions with each other. We love to pleasure each other with just our flesh and skin but we have from the beginning also used every form of sex toy known to human-kind! I admit to being very fond of the strapless device mentioned in my last post. I never really felt comfortable with strap ons; they always felt cheap and silly. I’m not sure this type would work for everybody but it just seems to fit me really well and stimulates me very deeply and effectively while I get to fuck her from the position of a man. This itself is a strangely satisfying feeling and I will admit to a bit of penis envy because it must be wonderful to have nerve endings right up to the tip of the penis when inside a woman. So men, no need to worry, I can vouch for the fact that silicone is no substitute for hot, throbbing flesh!

In the end though the thing I become more and more sure about is that it is not the type of genitals that matter. What I love about Sophie is that she is Sophie. I’d love her just as much and just as passionately if she had a penis instead of a vagina. And even though some of my former boyfriends might struggle to understand this; the same is true in reverse. I would have loved them just as much if they had had vaginas instead of dicks. Okay, that might be a slight over-simplification since I guess our gender and sexuality are fundamental aspects of who we are. What is for sure though is that intelligence, creativity, a sense of humour and being happy in your own skin are big turn ons for me whatever gender or sexuality a person may be.

3 responses to “Sex with other women

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  2. Your last two posts perhaps loosen my tongue (pun intended), or rather typing fingers, to say too much. But if i was a woman i would definitely be bisexual. In fact a past lover who is bi taught me a lot about how to make love in ways men usually probably do not know, and i think there is nothing better than a good kisser, and someone who knows how to laugh.

  3. Very interesting. As a woman who is straight, but in some ways feel manly, and has a deep appreciation for the beauty of women, this was a very interesting post.

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