” Satanism and its future is now in hands of those few voices who understood the meme and went the own way, as it was intended to be seeing it’s an individual philosophy with an easy understandable meme; that can be defined as “anarchistic”,”life-affirming”, “individual”, “counter cultural” and “inquiring”.
I share this impression that Satanism has entered a new era. It is a privilege to be part of it… And a responsibility…

Oops… I meant to reblog that to my other blog,” Devil’s Advocate” Ah well…

Sect of the Horned God

(Modern) Satanism, as many of the readers should know started with Anton Szandor Lavey in 1966 . When time progressed CoS identified itself as a center for and to everyone interested in the philosophy. During it’s infant years (talking 1966-1975 before the parting of Michael Aquino) it managed to refine various of its points and publish important documents that have set the whole thing in motion. The CoS became a bastion of an anti-religious movement imbedded with a focus on carnal nature, responsibility stemming from the self (instead of externalization) and a good dose of satire in the form of rituals (like “La messe noire”) whom were nothing more then simple psychodrama.

Through different writings, articles and persons the whole thing began to evolve. What once started as a light-hearted rebellion with an important message, written on a raised middle-finger towards various social/religious fallacies and indoctrination, became a full blown…

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  1. Though i do not consider myself a Satanist, whether atheistic or theistic, I do consider Shaitan and Baphomet to be the God of this world and the underworld, probably in a polytheistic way. Thanks for this link to The Sect of the Horned God which i will have to follow more closely, and i wish Mistress Babylon Consort would post more. I like to keep abreast of the chatter of philosophies within these groups.

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