Pope Francis

Regular visitors to my blog will be aware that I am far from being a Catholic or a Christian of any kind. I am in fact a Satanist (hopefully a positive and forward thinking one).

I was torn when Pope Benedict resigned. On the one hand I would like to think that the Pope’s resignation might open the way for a new broom that would sweep away the cob-webs and usher in a more liberal and enlightened era for those who wish to remain Catholic but reject the abuse, bigotry and corruption that define the church today.
On the other hand since the Catholic church is opposed to pretty much all I believe in and is one of the most corrupt institutions on Earth there was a part of me which hoped they would choose a conservative and hasten their own demise.

To be honest I actually think that the choice of the new Pope may have been a clever and enlightened one from a Catholic perspective. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is not only the first Non European Pope, he is also surprisingly the first Jesuit Pope. He is also the first to take the name Francis; one of the Catholic faith’s most popular and untainted saints. As a person he seems to have lived a more humble and uncorrupted life than many of his fellow cardinals. He is a conservative on social issues but he is pro-poor and pro social justice. I doubt if he will be much of a reformer, but he may have the qualities to be a uniter.

The Catholic Church has made some history this year in more ways than one.

I still don’t know what I should wish him. Perhaps, considering the number of lives that will be touched by what he says and does I wish him true enlightenment and wisdom. Also, given that his duties and responsibilities are certainly unenviable, I wish him good health.

I truly hope that Catholicism and Christianity as a whole is taking it’s last gasping breaths. Even so, in such times people of real character can emerge. If that proves to be the case I hope I will respect him as a person even though I disagree completely with his religious, moral and philosphical stance.

3 responses to “Pope Francis

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  2. This has to be the first post on the new Pope on a Satanist blog, lol. I personally think John Paul II and Mother Theresa are saints in a way, even though i do not agree with their religions or policies at times. Hopefully this man, and he is just a man, will manifest the loving kindness of Francis.

  3. Very nicely put – I share your same sentiments exactly. I don’t know if they’re trying to change their image by choosing the first non European Pope or what, but hopefully for the millions of people they influence and lead, this guy sets an enlightened example and leaves a positive legacy.

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