Hathor and the “S” word.

Even if I was not in any way spiritual I think I would still feel drawn to (and inspired by) the persona of Hathor. Hathor (Het Hert) is an ancient Egyptian deity who has been my matron deity for a long time. I find her both ancient and modern. She is a passionate, flirtatious maiden, a patron of love, sex, music and dance. As a mother she is extremely nurturing and protective and in her crone stage she bridges the gap between life and death, helping souls in their progression to whatever comes next. Parts of her persona were later attributed to Isis;  and the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus also borrow much from the cult of Hathor. It is probable that the Golden Cow Goddess that the Israelites started worshiping while Moses was taking his tablets, may have been a version of Hathor too.

While the fun loving, sexy and sensual aspects of Hathor are usually what draw people in, Hathor also has a darker, fierce and vengeful side, sometimes portrayed separately as the Goddess Sekhmet. I don’t think it is possible to fully understand or follow Hathor without paying homage to Sekhmet also.

So, is Sekhmet he “S” word I refer to in the title of this post? Not really, though there are certainly some connections. Sekhmet is a dark Goddess in many ways but in modern times she is not known widely enough to generate the prejudice and misunderstandings that are associated with Satan and Satanism.

When I began being open about the fact that I was a Satanist I was prepared for a certain backlash. For the most part I have had a fairly easy ride, but unsurprisingly I have lost a few friends and followers along the way. Thankfully the people who mean the most to me have stuck with me. At first I tried to restrict any mention of of my Satanism to my other blog, “Devil’s Advocate”,  but as recent posts here have shown, my beliefs are so fundamental to who I am that it has proved impossible for the “S” word not to be mentioned here from time to time.

When I first felt drawn to Satanism one of my main concerns was how it would impact and affect my relationship with Hathor. I think it was also one of the main concerns of the people who know me best online and in the real world. I think that if there was such a thing as a Hathorian Religion, they would have assumed that’s what I would be.

Certainly Hathor has long been my inspiration, my guide and comforter; and I didn’t want anything to compromise that. So far I must say that relationship has not been diminished at all, indeed it may have been strengthened. I believe that in her wisdom Hathor understands my need to have a strong male presence for balance at the core of my spirituality and while the energies associated with Sekhmet have some things in common with those associated Satan, I needed the full package.

In a sense exploring the Satanic elements of my beliefs has taken precedence over the past year and I will admit there were times I felt I was neglecting Hathor or even questioning her place in my personal belief system.  I am only human. I have periods of doubt and confusion. Overall though I am more and more convinced that for me at least, Hathor and Satan are totally complimentary and together they bring a sense of balance and harmony to my spiritual life.

They are both very life affirming. They both represent the dignity and positive effects of sex and sensual pleasure and the wisdom of enjoying life as fully as one is able to. They both abhor prudishness and false morality.  Both of them can be very nurturing; encouraging people to learn, grow and become all they are capable of being.

So the “S” word will not be a stranger in this blog. Satanism is part of who and what I am. But I am no less a Hathorist or Hathorite as a result!

  • HetHert (silversekhem.wordpress.com)

One response to “Hathor and the “S” word.

  1. I am not Kemetic expert or practitioner, but Hathor seems more like the nurturing mother cow, and Sekhmet seems more like the Hindu Goddess Durga on her tiger, or better yet like Kali. If you have ever seen a film of lions fking and killing you get a sense of her Power.

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