I hope that The Supreme Court comes to the obvious and right decision to give all members of the LGBT community in America equal rights nder the law. It is long overdue.


I’m writing this down for three reasons. First, I’ve been asked dozens of times ‘how this feels’ by friends and family over the past few weeks. Second, I think this might be interesting to look back on in 10 or 20 years as what it was like “back then.” And third, I can’t sleep, so why not.

This week, nine men and women who collectively make up the Supreme Court will consider if I, and millions like me, have the right to marry. They may decide this in the context of California, they may decide that the federal government can’t tell my state what to do with my marriage, or they may change the shape of gay marriage laws nationwide. They may deal a painful blow and decide that there is no such right.

No pressure.

There are certainly others with more of a stake in this than I have…

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  1. This is so complex regarding Federal vs State’s right in the US. Can you imagine the fights if the various parts of Great Britain had the powers of our states? There are still conservatives here who want to secede from the Union. And people here still think this is a Caucasian Christian country, both of which are slowly eroding away. And then besides the power struggles and ideals disagreements there is the MONEY. Insurance companies are afraid of same sex partners getting their spouses benefits with little more compensation to them. This Supreme Court is fairly balanced, and their Only job is to interpret the Constitution regarding these matters. And the Constitution has gone through numerous amendments to include racial, civil and women’s rights. So this is the next big decision whether they agree that Prop 8 is unconstitutional, and then it will have to go to Congress to see if they will do what 53% of Americans believe, that LGBT people have the same rights as everyone else.

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