Real courage; extreme bravery

I really can’t add much to what is said in the following report. Please watch and read the BBC news article. These girls are awe inspiring. They need support. They need protection.

Malala Yousufzai and her friends.

6 responses to “Real courage; extreme bravery

  1. Yes, it’s this kind of situation where righteous anger is needed. Sometimes anger is necessary to bring about much-needed and long overdue change. Hugely courageous young women. May they all rise up and take what is rightfully theirs! I believe that deep inside every man who oppresses women is a wormy little coward who resents the sexual power that women already have with their body, and does not want them to become even more powerful through education and knowledge.

    • All the “religions of the book” deeply fear the Goddess in every woman, and worship only the male deity. They use their religion to justify men over woman, and mankind over nature.

      • It is tragic that so many people have used religion (and still do) as an excuse for inexcusable behaviour. I do believe that much has been omitted from or edited in the Bible (by men) to reduce the importance of women. I can’t speak for the other “religions of the book” but I hold out hope for the future with regards to women in Muslim countries, inasmuch as my husband is a Pakistani Muslim (born and raised) and yet he is very pro women’s rights. He considers such men as these to be shameful and weak. There are a few decent men in those countries, so it is my earnest hope that the women there will stand up for their rights, with assistance where needed, and those among the men who are cowards will eventually be thwarted.

      • More evil has been done by religious followers who obey some teacher of these books, all in the name of God, than has been done by people’s own inclinations i think. You are blessed to have a husband who is both educated and egalitarian in his views. Our only hope is that each new generation will slough away the old radical views, but poverty and hopelessness amongst the huge number of unemployed men keeps the cycle going, And of course the arms dealers which are every “civilized” country in the world (USA #1), keeps feeding the flames for profit. When an army pays a man more to be a soldier than a hospital pays a man to be a nurse, then they go with the money and the glory and spoils of war. Who makes war? The men. Who puts the village back together again and raises the children and crops? The women. They suffer the most.

  2. What kind of world is it where these girls have to have 3 soldiers with AK-47s protect them just so they can go to school, just because they are females? Malala and her friends, schoolmates and family are the bravest of the brave, and her recovery is a medical and spiritual miracle for sure.

    • Hi, I couldn’t reply to the other comment directly, since there is no reply option. Yes, I think we can quite reasonably say that for as far back as memory serves, women, animals and nature have suffered more than men, and usually at the hands of men. No denying that. I’d be surprised to hear a man deny that with any reasonable argument; even if he personally has never harmed anyone or anything. We both want the same thing I think, namely the end of all oppression. 🙂 As you say, “Our only hope is that each new generation will slough away the old radical views.”

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