Rape is an Analogy of Humanity (“my uncensored thoughts of a Moment in Time”, an unedited excerpt)

This is something everybody should read and contains advice we should all take to our hearts.



We rape our earth, we rape each other daily.  Rape is one of many analogies my mind defines that calls for the desperate need for humanity to break the chains of our present paradigm.  Human evolution cannot begin without a change from one way of thinking to another, a revolution, a transformation, a metamorphosis, a call for action not perpetuation of our present paradigm by apathy.  We need to understand this as an absolute, we have no other choices left in order for our children’s, children’s, children to enjoy the magic of our beautiful world in a way they deserve, and this is our ultimate responsibility. At this point in time, we have come no further than our hunter gatherer ancestors, in fact our indifference and lack of action, is nothing more than a form of backsliding in terms of humanities evolution.

If you wonder how I came to view…

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2 responses to “Rape is an Analogy of Humanity (“my uncensored thoughts of a Moment in Time”, an unedited excerpt)

  1. As you may know i worked for 7 years in a metropolitan ER trauma center. There is absolutely nothing i have not seen and been elbows deep into. To most people violent acts are something they see on TV, videos and video games. I have smelled it and cannot even watch acted domestic violence anymore on media. Yes Jehovah basically said, to paraphrase, “here’s the earth so go out and do what the fk you want with it”, and that has justified our western culture. But pre-Christian and pre-Hebrew patriarchal cultures have had the same attitude. It seems when men in armies conquer a city then rape is soon to follow. Not that i am letting the female warrior rulers off the table either because i am sure much violence was done by them too. Your late “Iron Lady” did not have a penis, but she had guns and weapons to subdue the Falklands, etc. But there is this pattern in men – sports and war (the former being just culturally accepted substitute) + alcohol + adrenaline + testosterone = violence including rape and murder. It seems acceptable behavior amongst the sports figures, whether in high school or professionally, to do bad behavior. What kind of athletic assholes like the Steubenville rapists would carry off a drunk unconscious girl to rape her and then tape it on their phones? Its no different than a gorilla beating on its chest and howling. Women need to be strong and learn how to do martial arts and carry mace and guns in these present situations. And don’t even get me started on pedophiles, that weak slime that preys on the weak and innocent. They are not raping a body. They are raping innocence and trust and all that is good in a youngster. Rape is not sex, it is power play violence, pure and simple. Those cowards need castrated in public in my opinion. Ok, i will stop now…..

  2. Orgyofthemind

    A sincere thank you for posting Cassie. Namaste, Lily

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