Several months ago Art Of Stumbling nominated me for a blogging award. It was very kind of her but in fact it was one of those awards that was going around and I had already been nominated for it and answered the accompanying questions. However AoS suggested in her nomination that if people didn’t want to pass the award on, they might instead create their own award. And that is what I have (eventually) done.

There are probably millions of blogs out there writing about every conceivable subject. When I started writing this blog I had no idea where it would go, what it would be about or that it would eventually  lead to two other blogs. It started as a writing exercise. It has become a kind of diary and collection of thoughts and opinions, but unlike an old fashioned diary I am aware that other people read it. Writing when you know there is an audience gives a slant and a focus to what you write, and yet still the best posts are those where you just say what is on your mind without worrying too much what other people will think about it. Some of the most complimentary comments I have received have been from people who appreciate my openness and honesty. In turn I have realised that that is the quality which attracts me to other blogs and bloggers.

Since I started writing this blog I have also started following a lot of other blogs and the ones which mean the most to me, which resonate and affect me; are those  who write openly and honestly about their own lives and lifestyles.

Individualism is fundamental to my personality and outlook on life and I have serious and genuine respect for people who live their lives as fully and honestly as they can even (and especially) when their lifestyle choices often go against the norm.

I love people. I love individuals. I love people who live their life as if they are creating an artistic masterpiece. People who don’t follow the crowd. There is dark and light in all great works of art and music; and I appreciate people who share their pain and their fears and the dark corners of their soul as well as the bright and joyful aspects of their lives.

So I have created the You-Nique award. The emphasis is on YOU, because nominating you for the award means I think YOU are interesting and important and I thank you for sharing your life and experiences with other bloggers. Of course you are also unique, and that is beautiful and profound when you think about it.

There is only one rule with this award. Whoever you decide to pass it on to should ask YOU one question and you should try to answer it.  (Therefore I will try to answer any questions my nominees ask me).

There are many people I would like to nominate, the first batch are listed below, but there will be more.

Art Of Stumbling

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

The Way Of The Transgressor Is Hard

Only Here Only Now

Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind – The Silence Within

Missy Tree





And there will be more!

P/S if anybody can make the award look prettier, be my guest!


23 responses to “YOU-NIQUE Award

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  2. Reblogged this on Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind and commented:
    As you can see, reading this re-blogged post, I’ve already gratefully accepted my nomination and have done my part to follow its steps. Now it is your turn to do the same, whoever you may be I decide to nominate, and I’m sure one of you already knows is gonna be nominated and I can hardly wait to read his question 😀

  3. Thank you Cassie for coming up with a fresh new idea for an award away from the regular awards which you so eloquently put “are going around”. Most of us need validation everyday of our lives, in one form or another. Some of us write because of this “craving” for validation and other just to vent and share things they find interesting and so on. I must admit I don’t write much anymore, I’ve decided that the photography I post speaks for itself and my mood at the time instead . Unfortunately, very few people pay attention to the quotes (either mine or borrowed) which accompany my photos, they are the real backbone of my emotional being.
    One thing I must apologize to you Cassie, is my lack of knowledge for what you believe in, for lack of better words “your system of belief”. I’ve tried to understand and read carefully what you write, but I have some more homework to do on that :D. Either way, thank you for nominating me, it makes me feel good someone out there is still interested in my thoughts and most of all my emotions. Gosh it is so hard to come up with a question for you right about now. It’s 3.42 am and is pouring rain and I’m afraid my question will reflect that ;).
    Here is my question to you; though you write and express yourself as a unique individual, how does the outside world affect you when you know and feel you’re not being accepted by IT?
    After all, we’re social beings and we not always can be who we truly are with everyone.

    • Actually, quite a deep question for 3.42am! “How does the outside world affect you when you know and feel you’re not being accepted by IT?
      After all, we’re social beings and we not always can be who we truly are with everyone.”
      I guess I cope by compartmentalising myself to some degree. There are very few people with whom we can be fully ourselves all the time. At the moment I think my girlfriend is the only person who comes into that category. Mostly I think we all show different aspects of ourselves to different people. For example my work colleagues don’t need to know the details of my spiritual beliefs and I am not sure I would want them to. Blogging and the internet in general are good ways to express yourself and communicate with people who are attracted by and interested in the things you say about yourself; it is in a way a self selecting audience.
      I also cope by trying to explain things and trying to confront misconceptions and stereotypes. I tend to get rebellious and go on the offensive when I feel my back is against the wall.
      I get hurt when people I want to accept me don’t. I suppose sometimes I don’t say everything in order not to risk being rejected by those whose opinions matter to me.
      On the whole though I think I just instinctively understand that my happiness should not be based on other people’s acceptance of me. It is more important to like myself and work on any parts I don’t like.

      I don’t have the excuse of it being 3am to justify this rambling, disconnected reply!

      • Thank you for your honest and insightful response. I guess what I was trying to get at by asking this question is to learn how different people cope with discrimination, be that because of personal beliefs, sexual orientation and so on. There’s a difference between not being accepted and being outright discriminated against, even by your own “kind”. All my life, most people have made it their priority of letting me know they were better than me just for being straight. More over, they have tried every assault in the book to ingrain that in my mind.
        The fact the I’m gay and open about it has caused me to be exposed to all sorts of discrimination and attacks. Yet, I will and cannot change. This is who I am and what most people forget is that my sexuality has nothing to do with me as an individual with his own set of values, character, personality and ethics. I’m sure your beliefs would be under similar attack if you actually came out in the open and expressed them.
        I’ve made many compromises in my life, with very bad effects, but one thing I’ve never compromised on, is to live a life in the shadows, to silence myself for who I truly am. I agree some things MUST remain a secret, but others should not.
        Btw, it’s 4:02 am right now 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog and commented:
    I have won the You-Nique Award for blogging. Thank you Cassie!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this award. I have been so busy finishing up the new CD, it has been almost impossible to find time to even blog. Thanks again! I will repost and answer the questions anyone may have.


  6. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    Thanks Cassie for mentioning me as being You-Nique in you award! I am finally getting around to reblogging this as i have gotten 2 surgeries in 8 days and try to catch up on stuff in moments of controlled pain and lucidity. I am going to have to be lazy here and just refer people to my blog roll, which included your two sites of course. I just went through and edited that list. Many write of their magickal experiences, and some are sites of poetry and good ghost stories, and some, like you, write from heart with no hold barred, and i appreciate the latter the best of course. And per your requirement for this award of course anyone who wants to ask me anything, ask away. I really have little to hide. as i enjoy sharing my stray thoughts from time to time on this blog. Thanks again.

  7. Hey Cassie. I posted a comment earlier but do not see it here, so am writing again to thank you very much. I appreciate your seeing me and what i write as a manifestation of my individuality for sure. When i first started blogging i did not know what i was doing or particularly why or whether anyone would be interested, but i just wanted to share my ideas and experiences with other witches and magickians. Actually some of my better writing is in comments on others blog posts. I am in the middle of writing an at least 2 part post on my use of Solomonic magicke in a long ritual cycle i did last year, and then will post on this award and pass it on. Thanks again.

  8. Oh my sweet, you-nique co-creative pal, I LOVE and cherish this award, thank you. It sincerely does mean a lot to me. And it also means a great deal to connect with beautiful of the heart, like you. I honestly have no idea how we came across each other, all I know is that I immediately felt drawn to you. I love how you write with such poise, authenticity and integrity. And I really love your refusal to conform, to embrace the (often) unembraced fearlessly. Again, thank you for recognising my YOU-niqueness too. My question for you is: What are the three things in your life right now that really get your motor running and why? Sending love and waving from Australia xoxoxox

    • Hi MIssy, I’m really glad you like the award and thank you so much for your lovely comments. Before I answer your question could you define what you mean by “Get your motor running”. I’m not sure if it means “makes me angry” or “passionate” or” inspire me in some other way”?

      • Oh sure! Motor running, as in, passionate, exhilarated, soaring above the clouds, invincible! xox

      • Thanks for the clarification, well then “Motor running, as in, passionate, exhilarated, soaring above the clouds, invincible!” First would have to be my girlfriend Sophie. We are coming up to our one year anniversary so I will write more about her in a future post. But in short she has changed and improved my life on every level. Just thinking about her makes me smile from ear to ear and gives me a deeper sense of pleasure than anything I have felt before. It also makes me incredibly horny! 😉
        Second would be Satanism, or to be precise the fact that I have come out so to speak and embraced it rather than denying it which I did for several years. It has given me new friends and experiences, allowed me to be fully myself and most importantly given me lots to think and write about.
        The third thing is harder to pin down. I might have chosen music, art, my job or several other things but in the end I think it is writing itself. Whether I am writing my blogs, working on a novel, or answering questions on an internet forum; nothing else gets my creative juices flowing quite like writing.

      • I love it! Thank you for your passion. Just reading your reply got my motor running! Woohoo!!! Here’s to loving life!!! xox

  9. Rachel Izabella

    Thanks, Cassie, for the award, and thanks for taking the time to look at my little blog. —My question for you is very simple. Have you ever used magic to curse someone?

    • No, but I have been tempted and I don’t rule out the possibility that I would curse somebody. It would have to be for something very serious though. Generally I find there are nearly always other ways to handle a situation with or without magic that don’t require a curse.

  10. The look of your new award is quite quantum, Cassie.
    But I also see a little peekaboo effect. The spirits love that game,
    and I love the element of surprise it brings, which brings me to
    this surprise; this nomination for You-Nique-ness, far and away…
    Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed. No, it counts.
    Thank you again, old friend! 🙂 Cheerz to strangeness!

    I like the way you spell it out here. I’m very much in agreement
    with your outlook and your inward philosophical courage to be YOU!

    A premonition; a hunch that came true; an oh-so meaningful coincidence;
    I’d like to hear about your most recent “Ah-ha!” moment.

    • I have had many such moments Uncle Tree! I tend to trust my instincts and go with them quite a lot. It is very useful in my job as a teacher. Often I just “guess” or intuit what is stopping a student from understanding something and adapt my teaching accordingly. For example a while ago I was giving extra tuition to a girl who has some quite severe psychological problems and learning difficulties. There was an exercise in her school book that she just couldn’t do and it was making her stressed and angry. Suddenly I realised there were just too many pictures and colours on the page she was looking at and it was distracting and confusing her. So I wrote the key questions out by hand in simple black and white and she got everything right.

  11. Cassie,

    When I was young, we moved a lot, pretty much every 2 or 3 years we’d pack up and move. It was hard, especially as a young teenager. But I always liked the idea that each time, I could make myself up anew. No one in the new place knew me. All the assumptions and labels that might have attached to me disappeared as we motored on to the next place. That part I liked.

    I have always been drawn to people who “make themselves up.” People who have a strong sense of self and an aversion to conformity for its own sake. And if they have an artistic inclination, as they often do, all the better. In other words, someone like you.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me this way. This has been a very good connection for me. Your writings have introduced me to ideas and to people I had never known. I feel blessed.

    I wonder what you do, or where you go, when the storms come. I know that my best move when I feel adrift and lost is to go to the sea or the mountains or into the woods. I wonder what helps you when the demons come knocking.

    You are so kind- and so cool.


    • Hi Tom. I know what you mean about “making yourself up”. I moved around quite a lot when I was a child too, and still do really. Maybe that makes me less shy about expressing and exposing myself. I have kind of grown up with the reality that sometimes you only have a short while to create an impression and be the person you want to be. It’s an interesting thought…
      Now to your question, where do I go when the storms come? Well perhaps anywhere in nature but I have a strong affinity with water. I am at my most relaxed and find it easier to “just let things be” when I am by the shores of the sea, a lake or a river bank. It isn’t always possible to just go and meditate in nature and I don’t want to give the impression of being more “sorted” than I am. Sometimes when I am depressed or worried about something I just drink and smoke too much or go out and behave badly! I have never been very good at being a saint! Aside from nature I can also get lost and still my mind in art galleries. In the past when I had serious problems I would always talk to my mother; sadly that is no longer possible. Luckily my girlfriend is turning out to be a great strength and support in such times.

  12. Thanks Cassie. I’ll definitely put it on my shelf. 😉

    Your question… and I think it would be a good post subject too is: Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of in order to make your life better?

    • That’s quite a deep question. I will think about it and get back to you either here or as a blog post.

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