Cassie And Sophie


Just over a year ago the local teacher I was working with in Switzerland took me out after school for a few drinks. In the car on the way back to my hotel we kissed for the fist time. I never went back to the hotel. A year later we are still together. Moreover, despite the fact that we live far away from each other, I have never felt so close to anther human being. The word love seems so childish and insignificant to describe my feelings for her. We have been making future plans together lately. I realised it would seem unnatural to make any plans which didn’t include her now.

Long distance relationships can be very testing and my one regret about the last year is that we weren’t able to spend as much time together as we wanted. And yet I have never had any doubt that we are a couple now. In fact I have never been so sure about anybody. There has hardly been a day that we haven’t skyped or phoned each other and the times that we were actually in each other’s arms were amazing.

But things are changing. During the next few months we have arranged our schedules so that we can be together a lot more; whether in England or Switzerland. I am really excited and looking forward to that. And beyond that we now have real plans to live together permanently.

I met Sophie at a time when there was a lot of sadness and insecurity in my life. Things that I don’t talk about often… She has given me strength and comfort when I needed it and boosted my confidence to be the person I want to be.

It is odd, I still don’t really feel like I’m a lesbian, neither of us do; but loving her fully doesn’t leave any gaps. She is the person I want to grow old together with (although we’re going to have a lot of fun being young first)!

I have never believed in the “Two become One” idea. I think a relationship should be about two individuals not loosing themselves in each other but becoming more of themselves because of each other. Sophie makes me a better and more complete person and I hope I have the same effect on her.

Cassie and Sophie are two very different individuals who just happen to compliment each other perfectly.

And we love each other immensely.




2 responses to “Cassie And Sophie

  1. I am so happy for you two Cassie, that you met and connected across such distances especially, and at an important time in your life. And yes in strange ways sometimes people who seem different on the surface Are attracting opposites as i can testify to also.

  2. You’re both pretty, and I agree with your ideas on “coupling”.
    I wish you luck, which helps, yes, but also, I must
    grant you my best wishes to grace you!

    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree 🙂

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